Japanese businesses in Vietnam hunger for middle and senior staff

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Navigos Group, the leading human resources recruitment service provider in Vietnam, has announced data on recruitment demand for mid and senior staff in the Vietnamese market through recruitment demand of customers with Navigos Search in the fourth quarter of 2017 with some highlights of recruitment trends in the fourth quarter and forecasts about recruitment demand in 2018.

The recruitment demand for medium and high-level personnel in the fourth quarter continued to grow, led by manufacturing industry.

According to statistics from Navigos Search, the recruitment demand for middle-level and high-level personnel of Navigos Search in 2017 grew 28 percent compared to 2016. In Q4 alone, the demand for recruitment of middle-level and high-level positions grew 11 percent over the same period last year. In particular, the areas that led recruitment demand was Manufacturing, Consumer GoodsRetail, FinanceBanking and Information Technology.

In manufacturing, the demand for recruiting middle and high level personnel was concentrated in the fields of Construction, ElectricalElectronics and Automation.

Ranking the second in recruitment demand for medium-level and high-level personnel were consumer goods retail sales. The vacancies were mainly in FoodBeverage and Fashion Accessories.

The next position was the FinanceBanking sector with positions at Banks, Consumer Finance companies and Insurance companies.

IT sector ranked the fourth in recruitment demand for medium level and high level personnel in Q4. In this sector, the highest demand belonged to Information Technology & Software.

The real estate sector lacked personnel specialising in technology and implementation of large projects.

The real estate market in the East of Hochiminh City is heating up with a series of projects being implemented, leading to strong recruitment demand for sales consultants for both investors and trading floors. It is forecasted that in 2018, the real estate sector will have high demand for recruiting technical personnel and sales consultants.

For real estate businesses, developing new products is vital. Therefore, businesses need to recruit experienced technical personnel in this field. However, the human resources market in Vietnam has not met this demand due to the lack of senior staff in product development, technical design, urban planning and development.

According to Navigos Search, real estate professionals in Vietnam are well aware of the professional expertise of projects ranging in size from a few hectares to several tens of hectares.

However, Vietnamese personnel have no experience in planning and developing “big projects” that cover more than 1,000 hectares, including the building of residential areas, satellite cities revolving around the main city axes. As a result, with high level positions in this segment, real estate firms have to recruit foreign applicants, mainly from Singapore.

*The personnel market of the fashion industry was thrilled with the appearance of foreign brands

In the retail sector, mergers and acquisitions still continued to occur, especially large corporations from Japan and Thailand who invested in Vietnamese branded businesses.

These deals opened up new opportunities for Vietnamese HR market to approach more professional way of working and management while creating job opportunities for experienced candidates to build and develop the market. However, in the process of access, candidates also faced certain difficulties in corporate culture and working style.

In the fashion industry, the personnel market witnessed a lively shift after foreign brands entered Vietnamese market. The personnel of the domestic fashion labels were attracted and shifted to these new brands.

In addition, the fashion labels in the country gradually followed the operation trend of foreign fashion labels and added a number of new positions such as Visual Merchandise, Fashion Design, Brand Management…

According to Navigos Search, 2018 will be a year for retail fashion industry to intensify the recruitment of new positions to meet the fierce competition of the market.

The personnel recruitment demand for Japanese businesses is expected to continue flourishing, especially in the Manufacturing and Information Technology.

In 2017, the demand for middle-level and high-level staffing for Japanese businesses that are now Navigos Search’s customers, mostly came from manufacturing. The next was the Information Technology sector. As observed by Navigos Search, Japanese companies are facing competition from other foreign companies in attracting and retaining personnel.

It is forecasted that in 2018, in the North, Japanese businesses in the manufacturing sector will continue to have the demand for medium and high-level personnel due to the appearance of new industrial areas and large investments from Japanese manufacturing companies.

In the Southern area, the personnel recruitment demand of the Information Technology and service sector is forecasted to grow.

* Salary in banking industry was highest in Q4

According to statistics of Navigos Search, in the fourth quarter, the highest salary belonged to a senior management position in a bank with the salary of nearly 300 million per month. In the fourth quarter, middle and senior management positions received high salaries ranging from 100 million dong to 190 million dong per month, ranging from such sectors as Manufacturing, FinanceBanking, Consumer GoodsRetail and Service.


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