Job opportunities diminish in many fields after COVID-19

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Covid-19 has upset businesses’ recruitment and workers’ job application plans.

Hoang Hung, 27, submitted his resignation letter to his boss before Tet. He planned to spend one month after Tet to relax before looking for another job.

“I resigned from the post, but my friends all think I was laid off because of the epidemic,” Hung said. “I have applied for jobs at 5-6 companies, but there has been no reply.”

The young man with five years of experience in his field admitted that it was difficult to find jobs at this moment, when businesses have scaled down to cut costs.

In general, after Tet holiday workers often seek new job opportunities. It is also the time when businesses recruit workers in large quantities.

However, the pandemic has upset everything: the recruitment market has become gloomy and companies’ doors have closed to workers.

Thu Thao, an HR manager at a real estate firm, said the firm is still recruiting workers, mostly for posts of construction supervisors because the firm is trying to speed up projects in some provinces. However, it has stopped recruiting business and marketing officers to optimise costs in the difficult period.

Analysts commented that workers have never been so anxious about job opportunities. Covid-19 has caused serious damage to many businesses, resulting in fewer job opportunities.

A quick survey conducted of 172 businesses from the end of March to the beginning of April about HR strategies in Covid-19 by Talentnet has found problems that businesses are facing and a high threat to workers.

Fifty two percent of polled businesses predicted considerable fall in revenue and 27 percent said they are still not sure about the changes in the time to come. If the current situation lasts a long time, 75 percent will have to cut costs on HR.

Except for workers who resigned their posts like Hung, other workers dare not think of quitting jobs at this moment.

“I decided to put aside the plan to change job temporarily. It is not easy to find another job at this moment,” said Hoang Thien, an officer at an advertising firm in district 1, HCM City.

While many workers have become redundant, others still can find good jobs.

According to Nga Vuong from Talentnet, businesses in the fields of media, retail, e-commerce, IT, and medical equipment and services are still seeking workers.


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