Kalkine Pty Limited Launches ‘Global Commodities Technical Analysis Research’

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SYDNEY, May 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Kalkine is pleased to announce the launch of its 'Global Commodity Technical Analysis Research', a technical analysis-driven insight on Global Commodities.

Kalkine's Global Commodities research considers diverse opportunities over a short timespan with scale of risk appetite and financial flexibility being looked at. This research covers agricultural and non-agricultural commodities including Gold, Silver, Copper, Aluminium, Lead, Nickel, Crude Oil, Zinc, Natural Gas, Sugar, Soybean, Wheat, etc. trading on the exchanges including COMEX, LME, NYMEX, ICE, and CBOT. This research will be available on Kalkine's New Zealand platform as well as the newly launched US Platform - Kalkine Equities LLC.

Generally, prudent investors ponder upon whether to consider Commodities or Equities during the time of inflation and economic uncertainties.

Selecting commodities is a challenging task amid highly volatile financial markets. The commodity market movements depend on the evolving fundamentals like periodic inventory, supply and demand, production levels, and macroeconomic factors including socio-political stability, inflation, currency, and interest rates, etc. Besides, sentiments of the market participants and the two prominent emotions including greed and fear also influence the commodity prices. Prices often move up and down forming identifiable repeated patterns and typically technical analysis can help in this regard.

Over the past one-year, S&P GSCI Precious Metals Index (Spot) yielded an impressive return of 11.16% (till May 7, 2021, Source: Refinitiv). Therefore, Kalkine's Global Commodities Research developed after intensive backtesting by qualified experts might be helpful in assessing the price trends.

Considering the above, Kalkine's Global Commodity Technical Analysis Research provides insights based on a thorough analysis of technical tools such as price action, candlestick patterns, volumes, support, and resistance level, etc. This research aims to identify the cyclical and counter-cyclical opportunities within the commodities space after carefully assessing trending themes, supply and demand scenarios, macro-economic indicators.

Commodities also act as a great diversification tool apart from prospects in equities and currencies. By virtue of being traded in the futures market, commodity investors can embark on both long and or short positions, while swing trading opportunities with pre-defined risk reward scenarios are some of the other features to consider.

Given the global vision, Kalkine's team of professional experts engages in both qualitative and quantitative research that aims to provide comprehensive and actionable insights on commodities alongside Risks and Opportunities under general information.

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