Kim Jong Un’s science policy improved industries, N Korea university says

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Kim Jong Un’s past pledge to bring improvements at North Korean farms and factories is being highlighted on the website of the regime’s top university.

Kim Il Sung University recently posted online a past statement from the North Korean leader calling for the widespread application of science and technology, South Korean news service NK Economy reported Monday.

The remarks from Kim were made in June 2013, when the leader visited a machine plant and met with a local official who directly requested technical documents that could go toward improving production, the university said. Kim agreed to the request, and the leader’s decision has been beneficial to other North Korean entities, according to the university.

“Today, in North Korea’s factories, enterprises and cooperative farms, science and technology dissemination offices are well established, demonstrating enormous vitality in the struggle for science and technology talent,” the North Korean statement read.

“Scientists and technicians, as well as ordinary workers and farmers, have an ambition to become the true masters of scientific advancement and technological innovation.”

It is unclear whether the 2013 guidance visit was the trip reported in state media on June 21, 2013, to Kanggye general Tractor Plant in Jagang Province. Kim at the time called on workers to devote their “wisdom and enthusiasm” to machine production.

Kim has declined to meet with world leaders despite offers of economic assistance from countries including South Korea.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in has not wavered on engagement with Pyongyang, but the controversy over a slain South Korean officer continues to grow in Seoul.

Kim Hong-hee, commissioner general of South Korea’s Coast Guard, said his position remains unchanged on the officer, who likely “defected” amid growing gambling debts, Yonhap reported Monday.

Opposition lawmakers say there is evidence the victim did not defect. The officer’s family has said he was framed.


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