Korea to get world’s first floating city by 2025

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South Korea to get the world’s first floating city by 2025! As per the reports, it will be built off the coast of South Korea, and work on it will likely be completed as early as 2025.

Reports have it that the project has been backed by the United Nations, and the city will be built off the coast of Busan to deal with the problem of rising sea levels. Referring to this, project leaders added that it will be a ‘flood-proof infrastructure’ that will comprise several man-made islands, aiming to eliminate the risk of flooding by rising with the sea.

Reportedly, the floating city will be a self-sufficient city, which is a joint effort by the UN Human Settlement Programme (UN-Habit) and OCEANIX. The city will be able to generate its own electricity from solar panels, ferry tourists and inhabitants between the island on specially-made boats, and produce its own food and fresh water.

Further, reports suggest that the said city will be spread across an area of more than 75 hectares, and will be able to accommodate 10000 residents. The neighbourhoods will be grouped in clusters of six around a protected central harbour, which means each village will be able to accommodate up to 1650 residents.

Further, the city will be specifically designed to withstand natural disasters like tsunamis, floods, and Category 5 hurricanes.



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