Korea’s KAHF Program on Par with Global Medical Accreditation Programs GHA, TEMOS

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Check Out the Government-Screened KAHF-Designated Hospitals

SEOUL, South Korea--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#KAHF--If you are a foreigner interested in Korea’s excellent medical institutions or have plans to visit Korea as a patient, you’ve probably considered visiting a qualified hospital that meets the standards for cutting-edge medical technology and safety. Global Healthcare Accreditation (GHA) and Temos International Healthcare Accreditation (TEMOS) are global accreditation programs related to such international medical services.

Then, does Korea have such an accreditation program as well? Yes, it does. In Korea, there is the Korean Accreditation Program for Hospitals serving Foreign patients (hereinafter referred to as “KAHF”).

The KAHF program has been implemented since 2017 by the Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Korea Health Industry Development Institute to bring the global position of Korea’s medical service to another level and offer more convenience for international patients who receive medical treatment in Korea.

Not all medical institutions can be designated as KAHF hospitals. Only those that successfully qualify the approximately 150 complicated criteria receive the accreditation by the Korean government.

Through the KAHF program, the Korean government is making continuous efforts to uphold the quality of excellent international medical services offered by the designated medical institutions amidst the global spread of infectious diseases.

If you have plans to visit Korea for medical tourism or medical treatment, visit one of the government accredited KAHF-designated hospitals that are equipped with excellent international medical services.

Find out more about the KAHF program at Medical Korea (http://www.medicalkorea.or.kr) and the Youtube channel for Korea Health Industry Development Institute (@KHIDI).

Medical Accreditation Programs



About the Program



(Korean Accreditation Program for Hospitals serving Foreign patients)

To protect the rights and benefits of international patients, the Korean government and Korea Health Industry Development Institute thoroughly assess excellent medical institutions in Korea for their international medical services and patient safety systems.



(Global Healthcare Accreditation)

GHA is an independent accrediting body that received ISQua accreditation in 2019. The GHA program accredits the international standards and professional norms for medical travel, evaluating the quality of treatment and patient safety mainly based on patient-focused experience.



(Temos International Healthcare Accreditation)

TEMOS is an independent accrediting body from the private sector that assesses medical and non-medical services related to the treatment of international patients.



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