Labour minister: Minimum wage will rise gradually

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The minimum wage will rise gradually, with increases awarded in those industries able to absorb them, Labour minister MR Chatumongol Sonaku said on Wednesday.

MR Chatumongol said he would give emphasis on development of labour skills in the workforce. He had set a target of a highly skilled Thai labour force in 20-30 years.

The ministry must draw up guidelines and set a timeframe to achieve this workforce transformation, so the country would have a better economy, higher income and be competitive in the trade market.

It was necessary for the ministry to be well prepared for future situations. Business operators and investors alike wanted skilled workers. the minister said.

On calls for an increase in the minimum daily wage to 400 baht, the minister said it was not that high and he wanted all workers to receive it. However, an increase would affect employers and the macro-economy and needed careful prior consideration.

The wage committee would consider a wage adjustment, MR Chatumongol said. However, not all industries could increase the minimum wage to 400 baht at the same time. The wage may be increased gradually, with rises in those industries able to absorb them.

He agreed a wage increase would lead to inflation and a rise in interest rates, which would affect businesses that borrow for investment. It may also deter new investors. All this had to be taken into account.

MR Chatumongol was answering questions when he arrived at the ministry at 7.40am for his first working day in office. He paid respect to sacred objects before meeting with senior labour officials.


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