Let’s Get the Nature of Mauritius Back with Japanese Technology – Mauritius Emergency Rescue Project

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Help remove the heavy oil spilled into the sea with a donation of 550 Yen per unit.

Please help save the sea around Mauritius by utilizing MAGIC FIBER, an oil-adsorbent sheet created in Japan!

TOKYO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--On July 25, 2020, the Japanese bulk carrier ship WAKASHIO, owned by a subsidiary of Nagashiki Shipping Co., Ltd. of Okayama, Japan, became stranded off the coast of Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean, and about 1,000 tons of heavy oil spilled into the beautiful ocean.

If we do nothing, native sea turtles, classified as an endangered species, would disappear from this world. There are waterfowl habitats of wetlands and mangrove forests designated as wetlands of international importance under the Ramsar Convention, so the ecosystem of these birds could be destroyed. It is said that the coral reefs around Mauritius contain over 40% of the world’s 800 species of hard coral. According to some experts, adhesion of heavy oil makes coral unable to breath, eventually resulting in its death.

If we do not immediately remove the heavy oil spilled from the freighter, the natural environment of Mauritius will be destroyed.

We have thus decided to help remediate the situation by sending the Japan-made adsorption sheets, “MAGIC FIBER,” made specifically to absorb oil, to Mauritius. We cannot get that beautiful ocean cleaned up by ourselves alone, and we need your support to reclaim the unspoiled condition of the Mauritius sea, where turtles, waterfowl, dolphins, and coral once thrived.

Regarding "Magic Fiber", we can cooperate with the transportation to the local site and the local use.
We also look forward to hearing from volunteers.

How You Can Support This Project

Please purchase “MAGIC FIBER” (¥550/unit) from the website of the Mauritius Emergency Rescue Project (http://mauritius-rescue.com/index.html). We will then deliver it directly to the local volunteer organization in Mauritius.
Starting Date: August 21, 2020

Mauritius Emergency Rescue Project
Founders: Mina Kureyama (CEO, Fairy Forest Co., Ltd.)
Nami Sumitani (Representative, Tahitian dance school TAPAIRU)

Water Resources Conservation Council (WRCC)
Media Arts Foundation JAPAN
Tokyo Art Co., Ltd.
T-Bridge inc.
Japan Art & Music

M-TEchX Inc. / Sun Capital Management Corp.


Mauritius Emergency Rescue Project
Mina Kureyama
[email protected]


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