Lets Smart Run – World’s First Sports and Tourism IoT platform Created in Nanjing, China

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NANJING, China, Oct. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- As living standards are improved, people are increasingly aware of the importance of engaging in sports activities. Fitness, sports and tourism have become an important part of nowadays people's lifestyle. Under the new normal of COVID-19 prevention and control, the traditional way of organizing and operating sports and tourism events is facing unprecedented challenges. Global sports, cultural and tourism organizations and even local governments are facing the most urgent tasks of eliminating the impact of the coronavirus, inventing new ways to maintain a constant supply for sports and tourism consumption so as to promote the growth of the service sector.

www.huway.com gives the answer. On the afternoon of October 18th, 2020, the product launch conference of Let's Smart Run 2.0 will be held in Yuzui Wetland Park in the city of Nanjing, the theme of which is "Breaking the Routine and Redefining". Nearly 100 experts, scholars and industry elites from government, tourism destinations, sports and tourism organizations, investment firms and academic institutions will attend the conference.

It is reported that the upcoming Lets Smart Run 2.0 not only upgrades the original intelligent cabinet and timing cabinet, but also adds a new function of facial recognition and competition co-hosting. Empowered by technologies like the Internet of Things, big data and facial recognition, the whole event, from organizing to participation, can now be automatically completed by the IoT intelligent system. Lets Smart Run can not only be applied to urban greenways, but also for tourist sites. It can be used by individuals for exercise, and can also be used for organizing professional events or helping workers at scenic spots with marketing and event hosting. This new platform will improve the efficiency of event organization and marketing in an all-round way, help cities and scenic spots create consumption scenes, stimulate domestic demand, and help the development of cultural tourism services.

It is said that after the launch conference, a new road running activity will be held, namely, "Splendid Jianye, Unforgettable Trip" Happy Run in Binjiang Park. This event is jointly held by Nanjing Jianye Cultural and Tourism Bureau, Nanjing Binjiang Park Management Co., Ltd. and Nanjing Seven Plus Two Network Technology Co., Ltd. All participants in this event will complete the event registration, number plate collection, track timing, result ranking, materials and medals collection through the IoT system.

Lets Smart Run Platform utilizes the advantage of Internet of Things and big data to integrate greenway management, event operation and scenic spot empowerment, synergizing the interests of multiple parties including investors, operators, place providers and users. It creates a perfect the top-level design of sports and tourism integration that empowers the industry. Through scientific and technological innovation, Lets Smart Run will help with the innovation on sports and tourism industry supply, meet people's needs for health consumption, help high-quality economic development, create and lead a great new era of sports+tourism+Internet of Things.




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