LGBT people cause deadly natural disasters, say religious lawmakers in Malaysia

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LGBT people are responsible for natural disasters like the earthquake and tsunami which killed more than 1,500 in Indonesia last week, according to Malaysian lawmakers.

The Selangor Islamic Religious Department, which is responsible for enforcing Islamic law in the state, distributed a sermon on Friday (October 5) which says catastrophes are prompted by queer people’s “vices and sins.”

The pronouncement came just weeks after the director of Pahang’s Islamic Religious Department, Mohamad Noor Abdul Rani, welcomed two women being caned for having lesbian sex and said the punishment could spread to his state.

He also warned that anyone who has gay sex will “incur the wrath and anger of Allah.”

The sermon given to mosques throughout the state of nearly six million people which encircles the capital of Kuala Lumpur in the Muslim-majority country drew similar conclusions.

Selangor’s religious lawmakers quoted Quran verses 28:59 and 11:82 to 83 to state that Allah only punishes sinners, and does so often.

They included being LGBT on a list of ‘sinful actions’ which brought on Allah’s wrath.

“This verse explains that we are always under the observation of Allah the creator,” they wrote. “Whatever calamity that befalls humans must have its reason whether realised or not.

“What is certain, no ruin is imparted but for humans’ own cruelty.

“This cruelty is defined as idolatry towards Allah, and all forms of vices and sins done by humans.”


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