Lighthouse emblematic of Indonesia’s sovereignty in borders: Ministry

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The permanent lighthouse and helipad in Karang Singa, northern waters of Bintan Island, Riau Islands, which borders Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore, symbolised Indonesia’s sovereignty, Defense deputy minister M. Herindra stated.

“We do not want the dispute between Indonesia and Malaysia over the islands of Sipadan and Ligitan, in which Malaysia won in the International Court of Justice in 2002, to repeat,” Herindra noted here on Friday.

Construction of the lighthouse and helipad will be conducted by the Ministry of Defense and continued by the Ministry of Transportation.

The Karang Singa Island is located in Malacca Straits and is one of the busiest sea traffic lanes in the world. Hence, it should be guarded and given a sign that it is part of Indonesia’s territory, the deputy minister emphasized.

On that international border, Singapore has owned the Batu Putih (Pedra Branca) territory, while Malaysia ruled the Karang Tengah or Middle Rock.

“There should be no land (of the Indonesian territory) taken over by another country. We need to demonstrate our sovereignty,” Herindra affirmed.

Meanwhile, Home Affairs minister Tito Karnavian highlighted that the lighthouse was primarily built to balance out the structures already constructed by the Malaysian government.

In the Middle Rock, owned by Malaysia, lies a permanent building and a helipad, while Indonesia’s Karang Singa Island only has a small float.

“The point is making it to not be lopsided. Malaysia has built permanent infrastructures, though we only have a buoy that too not permanent,” Karnavian pointed out.

Defense deputy minister M. Herindra also affirmed that his team will start the lighthouse construction soon.

“Maybe this month or in February when the weather conditions improve,” he added.

Herindra called to guard the territory on account of the susceptibility to territorial disputes.


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