Malaysia will remain wise in dealing with superpowers

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The recent visit by United States Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo to Malaysia, as part of her Asian tour of key states, shows the US strategy of securing trade and economic pacts to reinforce supply chain and economic interests in the region.

The visit, while strategic and objective in nature, cemented the solid ties between Malaysia and the US spanning decades.

This as President Joe Biden laid out his ambitious plan of reviving America’s economy through the Build Back Better framework and the recent infrastructure plan.

With hard lessons learned from the Covid-19 pandemic, the US will redouble its efforts to ensure trade will be at the forefront in expanding American diplomacy and influence, on top of continuing to seek alliances and support for its competition with China.

Southeast Asia is poised to be the leading centre of global growth and innovation, and China will use its vast capital and resources to wield influence over the region.

The Americans, while not too late in realising the truth about falling behind in the battle for fair and advantageous trade, can still leverage key foundations for growth.

Military support and building defence pacts and partnerships will lead to other areas of cooperation.

The strengthening of values and ideals based on democracy, freedom, liberal trade and social justice meets the needs and demands of communities in the region as well, providing the incentivisation of principle-based partnerships.

China’s assertiveness will only make states realise the need to counterbalance economic interests with national survival.

The next drive of regional and global growth will be fuelled by digital technology, nano and quantum mastery, 5G and 6G technology, and artificial intelligence and data computing.

These propellers of development and national projection of strength will remain points of contention for the two superpowers and regional nations.

Malaysia stands to gain by deepening ties in those areas to boost its post-pandemic recovery and lay the foundation for future growth.

Malaysia has always remained wise and strategic for its long-term interests and survival.

Its first step will be to strengthen its negotiating capacities and bolster critical industries.



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