Malaysia’s Covid-19 battle in the hands of the people

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The Academy of Professors Malaysia (APM) urges Malaysians to be more responsible in adhering to Covid-19 prevention measures following the sudden spike in cases.

APM’s health and medical cluster head Prof Dr Adlina Suleiman said the government had embarked on implementing measures to control the spread but more would need to be done to reduce the rate of infection.

She said among the measures recommended by APM included placing all Malaysians travelling from Sabah to Peninsular Malaysia under mandatory quarantine either at home or a centre for 14 days.

“This includes those returning from voting, campaign workers and politicians who have been in Sabah in the last 14 days during the state election. Malaysians should postpone all non-essential travel to and from Sabah.

“All health centres, hospitals (government and private) have to remain vigilant in treating patients especially those with a travel history in Sabah.

“When someone is tested positive or shows symptoms, a pro-active intervention should be implemented to prevent the spread,” she said in a statement.

Dr Adlina proposed Malaysians to avoid eating out to reduce social contact to help lower the virus’ transmission risk.

“Physical distancing is impossible in the crowded settings of restaurants or cafes. Droplets from those who are infected may land on various surfaces and people’s hands.

“With a lot of movements (people coming and leaving), it would be difficult to tell if hands are washed regularly and surfaces are being disinfected fast enough.

“People should also work out not only for general health but to increase Vitamin D production (which is dependent on sunlight). Vitamin D will help boost the immune system and help fight infection.”

Adlina said it was vital for the government to continue to empower the community to be responsible for their health.

“We cannot afford to reinstate the movement control order. For us to come out of this, everyone has to abide by the rules and regulations for the common good.”


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