Managers across Asia-Pacific are driving culture in your organisation—with or without you

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Managers are powerful agents for driving strong corporate culture in Asia-Pacific (APAC), according to PERSOLKELLY’s latest APAC Workforce Insights report. According to the data, 57 percent of respondents agreed that workers favour their manager’s personal values over the broader values of their organisation when choosing whether to stay or seek opportunities elsewhere.

“Given the close working relationships employees have with their immediate team, a manager acts as a role model for how the organisational strategy and values should be exemplified,” said Jessica Ang, Regional Head of Corporate Brands Management, APAC at PERSOLKELLY.

Teams whose values matched their manager would see increased employee satisfaction and productivity, cited 49 percent of respondents. However, there is a risk of workers disengaging if their manager does not share the corporate values and leaves the team, with 37 percent of respondents agreeing that staff may feel disconnected to their organisation’s values.

“Organisations who can align the values of its managers with its own corporate values will ensure cultural consistency across the business. This will also help dissuade its top talent from following suit if their managers choose to move on, and sustain its productivity and bottom line benefits.”

“The organisation’s senior leaders must be responsible for building a strong and enduring culture based on corporate values. Organisations should invest in training for their leaders, alongside aligning its policies, processes, and systems, to ensure these all reflect its corporate values.

According to the survey, team spirit was the key reason for why employees put a premium on their manager’s values. One in two respondents cited the need to fit into their team culture and feel a sense of belonging, while 45 percent wanted to be part of a harmonious and productive team.

While respondents from across APAC favoured their manager’s values over their organisations’, there was a large variance in levels of agreement across the region. Over 60 percent of respondents from Indonesia (68 percent), India (64 percent), Malaysia (62 percent), Singapore (61 percent), and Hong Kong (61 percent) agreed that workers are likely to base their decision-making on their manager’s values. Less than half of respondents from Australia (49 percent) and New Zealand (40 percent) agreed.

Workers in the Banking and Financial Services, Legal, and High Tech/IT industries placed the greatest emphasis on the values of its managers, with more than 60 percent in agreement.

HR solutions leader PERSOLKELLY commissionedInsync to conduct the large-scale exploration of trends and attitudes towards the changing world of work. The APAC Workforce Insights survey featured responses from more than 9,000 hiring managers and candidates from nine countries in APAC[1], and across a wide range of industries[2].

The PERSOLKELLY 2018 APAC Workforce Insights Q2 report can be downloaded here:

[1]APAC countries surveyed include: Australia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam

[2]Industries surveyed include: Industrial/Manufacturing/Trades, Banking & Financial Services, Professional Services, Transport/Logistics/Warehousing, High Tech/IT, Hospitality/Travel/Leisure/Retail, Medical/Health Care/Life Sciences, Accounting & Finance, Engineering, Government, Education, Science, Arts/Entertainment, Non-Profit, Agriculture/Natural Resources, Legal


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