Meredith-Springfield Associates, Inc., is First North American Blow Molder to Acquire Latest ISBM Technology from Japan’s Aoki Technical Laboratory, Inc.

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The AL-500LL-50S is the newest model of an injection stretch-blow
molding machine (ISBM) that Meredith-Springfield will use to produce a
new line of disposable plastic drinkware

LUDLOW, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AokiMeredith-Springfield
became the first North American company to purchase the latest iteration
of an injection stretch-blow molding machine (ISBM) from Japan’s Aoki
Technical Laboratory, Inc.
, which will enable Meredith-Springfield
to economically produce a new product line of premium PET drinkware.

The AL-500LL-50S cuts molding cycle times by as much as 45 percent and
production volume is either maintained or it more than doubles on a
yearly basis, depending on the size of the container. The machine is
also more energy efficient, saves space and reduces equipment and
production costs through downsizing of the unit.

The drinkware that Meredith-Springfield will produce is for premium,
single-serve use at hotels, conventions, outdoor and poolside venues;
anywhere premium cocktails and beverages are served but where
using glass poses a safety hazard. The line includes stemless wine and
Champagne glasses, carafes, pilsner glasses and other uniquely shaped
cocktail glasses.

“This is a game-changing moment for Meredith-Springfield as the
acquisition of the AL-500LL-50S creates economic, energy, equipment and
production efficiencies for us as we produce a new product line,” said
Mel O’Leary, Meredith-Springfield President and Chief Executive Officer.
“It is differentiating technology.”

Eiji Nishizawa, President of Aoki Laboratory America, added: “Our
high-speed mold release technology enables the molding of a bottle at a
cycle that is faster than previous versions of our machines while
delivering the same quality.” Nishizawa explained that his company
utilizes molding technologies that enable the production of plastic
containers with minimum expenditure of energy, including Direct Heatcon®,
an original single-stage, three-station system that represents the
ultimate in energy-saving molding technology.

“We depend on the Earth for our existence, so at Aoki, we commit
ourselves to the protection of our natural environment and the
advancement of international culture that makes use of plastic
containers,” Nishizawa said.

Aoki will be exhibiting Meredith-Springfield’s sister machine at the
National Plastics Exhibition in Orlando, Florida, in May. At the Aoki
booth, attendees will see live demonstrations of a 200 mL, 24 gram PET
bottle having a 20MM neck finish and cycling 6 cavities at an
unprecedented 8.5 second cycle. Existing technology achieves a 19.1
second cycle on the same bottle currently so the production is more than

Meredith-Springfield will exclusively produce PET articles with its
machine. However, it is equipped to run almost any polymer which can be
blow molded such as HDPE, PP or Tritan®. For some of the
drinkware, Meredith-Springfield will use its patent-pending, proprietary
post-molding lip forming process to create a glass-like bead rim on the
top openings.

O’Leary said less tooling costs associated with the AL-500LL-50S,
“allows for a price point that will enable customers with lower volumes
or smaller tooling budgets to enjoy the benefits of one-step stretch
blow molding previously achievable only with a major tooling

About Meredith-Springfield Associates, Inc.
SQF-certified plastic extrusion and injection stretch blow molding
manufacturing and engineering company in Ludlow, Mass.,
Meredith-Springfield has built a reputation for providing superior,
high-quality finished products and a hassle-free experience to companies
across the globe. The company’s core competencies include project
management of extrusion blow molded articles from concept through
commercialization, and creating process solutions to enable optimal
manufacturing of the most difficult articles. Meredith-Springfield
offers the latest technology for molding PET and other resins to the
existing client base and can take advantage of other global
opportunities. Clients include American Distilling Inc., B&G Foods,
Inc., Clorox, Elizabeth Arden, Jarden Home Brands, OmniMax, PepsiCo, and
Reebok. These are just a few of the companies who in the past, or at
present, enjoy partnerships with Meredith-Springfield. Resin
capabilities include HDPE, PP, PVC, PA, PET, EPET, TPE, TPU, ABS, LDPE
and Fluoropolymers. Serving the medical, packaging, industrial, HBA, and
food industries, Meredith-Springfield consistently demonstrates its
capabilities in world-class product design and manufacturing and deepens
its national and international relationships. Meredith-Springfield is
also a consistent referral for companies of all sizes who need
test-market quantities of custom blow molded prototype samples for
research and development (R&D) and for “out-of-the box” concept
development. For more information, please visit

About Aoki Technical Laboratory, Inc.
Founded in
1976 by Mr. Katashi Aoki, and based in Nagano, Japan, Aoki Technical
Laboratory plans, develops, manufactures and sells injection
stretch-blow molding machines, molds, auxiliary equipment and parts for
molding plastic bottles. The company has offices and representatives in
Chicago, Brazil,
Mexico, Germany, Singapore, Shanghai and
Guangdong, China, Thailand,
Spain, and the United Kingdom. The
company was the first to produce One-Step ISBM technology and it has
sold 3,600 of its current machine platforms to users worldwide.
has 350 employees globally supporting sales, machine installations and
For more information, please visit


For Meredith-Springfield Associates, Inc.
Lisa Twarog, 413-787-1133
[email protected]


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