Midea Awarded by UNIDO for Environmental Protection Efforts

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BEIJING--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Midea (SZSE:000333), the world’s No.1 air treatment company was recently awarded by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) for its outstanding contribution to environmental protection.

UNIDO “would like to express its highest appreciation to Midea, for their ongoing efforts to develop, manufacture and introduce to the market residential air conditioners that meet the highest environmental standards,” read the Certificate of Outstanding Contribution Award presented by UNIDO.

Authorized by Mr Ole who was unable to attend the ceremony due to COVID-19, Ma Jian, the deputy representative of UNIDO for China, presented the award and showed his congratulations to Midea. “In the future, we sincerely expect more cooperation between Midea and the UNIDO to make more contributions to the global environmental protection together.”

Over the past 10 years, Midea has cooperated with UNIDO on a project aiming at replacing HCFC-22, an environmentally harmful refrigerant, with propane (R-290), a natural substance, which contributes both directly and indirectly to the international community’s fight against climate change by introducing the optimized refrigerant system.

Midea’s project of developing, producing and distributing products powered by such a system has phased out 13.2 tons of ozone-depleting potential and reduced 967,490 tons of CO2 equivalent emission per year, according to data from UNIDO.

“UNIDO would like to commend Midea’s Management and committed staff for their vision to protect the environment and thank them for the excellent cooperation,” wrote the award certificate wrote.

As a result of Midea’s decade-long research and development efforts, the project demonstrates Midea’s technical strength as well as its devotion to protecting the earth.

Midea has put in more than $7 million in converting the production line to R-290-powered products. Eighty-three of its labs are now dedicated to researches around RAC with low GWP refrigerants. The company’s heavy investment has won it more than 200 domestic and international patents in the field. And its R-290 products are widely recognized by the international community both as forerunners in environmental protection and as reliable choices with high efficiency and consistent performance.

Since their introduction to the European market in 2014, Media’s products have won multiple top industrial awards in China and beyond. The products are also widely welcomed in the market. More than 1,000,000 of Midea’s R-290 air conditioners have entered the European market, with more than 200,000 already sold in China. With boosting needs, Midea’s converted production line now has a production output of 750,000 units per year, according to UNIDO.

Midea’s carrying out and achieving success with the project are inseparable with its complete and large air conditioner production setup, long-term commitment to research and development and its determination to benefit the global environment.

With Midea being an industry leader and pioneer, its success has significant implications for the entire industry, recognized by UNIDO.


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