Minister supports creative economy players with special needs

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Tourism and Creative Economy minister Sandiaga Uno expressed his support for creative economy players with special needs that could contribute to improving the economy.

The minister highlighted that Isa had achievements and creativity, and he was optimistic for her to be able to contribute to economic improvement.

“Hence, Isa not only has achievements but also (creativity) that hopefully would raise our spirit, our economy, and it is only right for us to support (her),” minister Uno noted in a written statement received here on Friday.

The Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry, through the Tourism and Creative Economy Agency’s Digital Innovation Lab Programme (BEDIL), would assist Anindhita in promoting her products.

“We have seen the products, including the one I use, from Cutemonster. Usually, monsters are terrifying. However, these ones are cute. Turns out the products have (great) quality (akin to) international brands, I think, and we have immediately promoted it through our programme, BEDIL. We have also bought (some of the products) for Nur (wife) and Sulaiman (child),” he remarked.

Such brands are expected to increase their turnover and job vacancies by converting public spaces into places to showcase their products, the minister stated.

The minister visited an event, District and Coity Creative Programme. A participant, Anindhita Kirana Isa, 23, challenged Uno to draw something. Initially, Uno gave the opportunity to the participants, who were mostly creative economy players involved in arts, to ask questions. Isa immediately took her chance to challenge him to draw.

“Actually, from all the participants here, I am the only one with special needs. However, these works prove that I can turn my illustrations into something I can sell,” she remarked.

She asked the minister to promote her products advertised on @cutemonster_id Instagram account. There were apparels with interesting designs.

Minister Uno bought her products and paid for it in cash. He bought jacket, vest, and bag for his wife and his kid.


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