Ministry eases export ban, allows 18 coal ships to sail

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The Transportation Ministry has instructed that Sailing Approval Letters (SPB) be re-issued for ships that have met the requirements for coal exports set by the Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Ministry.

“We have informed all harbormasters to re-issue SPBs to coal-carrying ships which have fulfilled the requirements of the ESDM Ministry,” director of sea traffic and transportation at the Transportation Ministry, Mugen S. Sartoto, said in a written statement here on Friday.

The policy was formulated following the gradual lifting of the coal export ban by the director general of minerals and coal of the ESDM Ministry through letter number B-165/MB.05/DJB.B/2022, dated January 13, 2022, he added.

Meanwhile, the Letter of the director general of Sea Transportation Number UM.006/1/7/DA-2022 dated January 14, 2022, has revoked the ban on SPB issuance, he said.

The decision was the result of a coordination meeting between the Transportation and ESDM ministers regarding coal supply for state-owned electricity provider PT PLN (Persero), Sartoto informed.

Furthermore, the ESDM Ministry has lifted the ban on 18 coal vessels of mining companies that have fulfilled their obligated coal sale percentage for domestic requirement (DMO) in 2021 by 100 percent or more, he said.

“Hence, the directorate general of Sea Transportation will re-issue the SPBs for the 18 coal ships,” he added.

Earlier, the Indonesian government had announced a ban on coal exports for the period from January 1 to 31, 2022.

However, it made adjustments to the policy by allowing corporations that had met their DMO in 2021 by 100 percent or more to resume export activities.

On January 13, 2022, ESDM minister Arifin Tasrif said that the ministry had assessed 578 coal-mining enterprises.

It was found that 47 companies had the potential to meet DMO of more than 100 percent, 32 corporations could fulfill 75 100 percent DMO, 25 enterprises could achieve 25 75 percent DMO, 17 enterprises could meet 25 50 percent DMO, while 29 companies could only reach 1 25 percent DMO, he informed.

However, 428 companies did not meet the conditions or had zero percent DMO, he said.

Meanwhile, the 18 coal vessels that will get SPBs soon include Motor Vessel (MV) CMB Van Dijk, MV Neng Yuan, MV Santarli, MV Maizuru Kichijo, MV Great Ocean, MV AC. Shanghai, MV Vidyut, MV Pantelis, and MV Jie Li.

MV Mei Hua Hai, MV Corona Kingdom, MV Pacific Pride, MV Pavo Bright, MV Princess Doris, MV Eternal Resource, MV Sea Voyager, MV Star Mona, and Tug Boat (TB) Kingfisher 501 will also be allowed to sail soon.


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