Ministry supports Merangin Geopark’s human resource development

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The Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry supports the development of human resources for tourism in the Merangin Geopark, Jambi, to achieve the status as UNESCO Global Geopark.

“To accelerate development of the Merangin Geopark, one of the efforts is to improve the capacity of human resources, (which are) managers and communities in tourist areas,” director of the regional event organising committee at the Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry Joko Suharbowo stated in Jambi on Monday.

Suharbowo opined that the Merangin Geopark development would be easier to conduct should the human resources comprehend the importance of tourism. Human resources, with better qualifications, will be more capable of improving and managing tourism, according to Suharbowo.

Human resource development in tourism for the Merangin Geopark aligns with the Jambi Province Culture and Tourism Office’s proposal. It will help to garner better community support for the geopark’s development.

“We received information that the complete document of the Merangin Geopark has been received by UNESCO. Thus, we need support, so that the Merangin Geopark is included in the world heritage list registered and accredited at the UNESCO,” he stated.

Suharbowo also expected national-scale activities to be conducted in the Merangin Geopark area, such as the national rafting competition, traditional festivals, and cultural events. Hosting such activities will garner the interest of both local and foreign tourists to visit the Merangin Geopark.

Head of the Jambi Province Culture and Tourism Office Arif Budiman stated that the development in tourism human resources would encourage greater public awareness of the area’s tourism. Thus, it will be easier to obtain support for accelerating the development of the Merangin Geopark area.

“If the people’s mindset is already a tourism(-oriented) one, then the development of the Merangin Geopark area will become faster, and of course, this will also have an impact on improving the economy of the people in the area,” he emphasized.


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