Ministry to expand Pioneer Air Transport Programme in 2022

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The Transportation Ministry will expand the service coverage of the directorate general of Civil Aviation’s Pioneer Air Transport Programme in 2022, director general Novie Riyanto has informed.

In 2022, pioneer air transport operators will be served by 21 regional coordinators with a total of 244 passenger routes, 41 cargo routes, and one subsidised cargo route, he said in a statement issued here on Wednesday.

“Previously, there were only 20 regional coordinators with a total of 208 passenger routes, 38 cargo routes, and one subsidised cargo route,” he added.

According to the Transportation Ministry’s Regulation Number 8/2021, the pioneer air transport regional coordinator is the head of the airport management unit appointed to coordinate the implementation of Pioneer Air Transport in a specified area, he noted.

The programme is part of the government’s attempts to improve connectivity and overcome logistics problems in remote, underdeveloped, outermost, and border (3TP) regions, he said.

The inaugural flight of the pioneer air transportation for both passengers as well as cargo has been started in several airports in 2022, he informed.

They comprise Sumenep Airport in East Java province, Langgur Airport in Maluku province, Mozes Kilangin Airport in Papua province, Andi Jemma Airport in South Sulawesi province, as well as Gunung Sitoli/Binaka Airport and Sibisa Airport in North Sumatra province, he added.

“It is expected that the programme can improve people’s connectivity and reduce price disparities in the 3TP regions, thus there will be no difference in the price of basic goods anymore,” Riyanto said.

In addition, he said he hoped that the programme will be implemented sustainably to help communities fulfill their logistics demands, especially in areas with limited access.

The implementation of the programme comes from local governments and flight operators’ support, he added.

“Hence, each designated regional coordinator and flight operator must remain consistent and responsible to run the programme well and smoothly,” he said.


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