Mobile payment: a modern payment trend with many utilities

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Thanks for taking advantage of the mobile payment channel through banking applications, most customers had found it increasingly convenient and fast to meet the needs of payment for various types of services for life. Moreover, that payment method also required no cash, was safe and attracted customers by care programmes.

Mobile payment increased sharply in Vietnam

In the context of the strong industrial revolution 4.0, promoting the digital economy, the banking system in recent years had actively invested in upgrading technology infrastructure and developing products, including a new and modern payment service in which investments in mobile payments through banking applications were mainly concerned.

According to a survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in 27 countries, Vietnam was recognised as the fastest-growing market for mobile payments in 2018 with the percentage of users increasing from 37 percent to 61 percent. With such growth, there were more and more units selling, providing services as well as deploying mobile payment acceptance services, meeting modern payment needs of customers.

Not only simple transactions such as money transfer, phone recharge but banking applications on mobile devices were also increasingly developing many features, meeting most of spending and payment needs of users. Transactions were also always carried out quickly and safely to help customers save time and have exciting experiences.

Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (Vietcombank) was at the forefront of modern payment trends

Mobile payment via banking application was a convenient and straightforward method of buying and selling goods. To increase customer experience and engagement, Vietcombank was constantly updating new technologies, developing diverse electronic banking channels, including the VCB-Mobile [email protected] application.

Many customers chose VCB-Mobile [email protected] because of its simplicity, ease of operation and user-friendliness. In addition to essential functions such as account transfer, account/card information inquiry, exchange rate and interest information search, ATM/Branch/Transaction locations, OTT notification, etc. Users can experience other utilities such as payment of electricity and water bills, phone recharge, booking air tickets, train tickets, scanning VNPAY-QR codes, and so on. All transactions were guaranteed to be safe and highly secure. Besides, customers can also choose different transaction authentication methods, such as face recognition (Face ID), fingerprint (Finger ID), Vietcombank Smart One Time Password (OTP), Short Message Service (SMS), OTP to enhance the experience when using use.

Ngoc Mai (Hanoi) said that nearly one year ago thanks to the application of VCB-Mobile [email protected], daily financial transactions became more straightforward and more convenient. For example, paying monthly electricity bills simply needed to log in to the app and make a payment without going to a transaction point. That method helped her save a lot of time and travel expenses.

Previously, to book an air ticket, Mai had to book on the websites of airlines or through agencies, then she used the ticket booking utility on the banking app for every business trip or travel. Other features such as payment via VNPAY-QR code when shopping, booking train tickets, cars, etc, were also effectively utilised by Mai to make life more leisurely.

There was a promotion programme with unprecedented incentives for customers who registered to use electronic banking services at Vietcombank

With the desire to bring customers experiences of cashless payment utilities, Vietcombank had launched the promotion programme called ‘Register Ebank, Get genuine car’ with the chance to win prizes of over 7 billion dong.

The programme would run from then until the end of January 22, 2020, for all individuals who registered for the first time and used the electronic banking services of Vietcombank, including: VCB-Mobile [email protected], VCBPAY, [email protected], VCB-SMS [email protected], SMS OTP.

The winner of the prizes would be selected in the form of periodical and final lucky draw. With the weekly lucky draw, customers would have the opportunity to receive a US-Canada tour for two people, a SH 150i CBS 2019 motorcycles, cash prizes, and so on. With the lucky draw at the end of the programme, customers would have the opportunity to receive a Mazda CX-5 Deluxe cars, an iPhone 11 Pro Max 512GB.

Besides, there were also 9,999 cash prizes for customers who had many transactions on the VCB-Mobile [email protected] app.


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