Moon to strengthen cooperation with new Assembly

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President Moon Jae-in will work more closely with the next National Assembly for a more effective management of state affairs in the post-COVID-19 period, according to the presidential office, Thursday.

Moon had a long lunch meeting with the floor leaders of the two major parties ? the ruling Democratic Party of Korea’s (DPK) Rep. Kim Tae-nyeon and his counterpart of the main opposition United Future Party (UFP), Rep. Joo Ho-young ? and discussed urgent issues including a third extra budget, which Cheong Wa Dae and the ruling party have seen as crucial for economic recovery and job creation in the wake of the global health challenge.

The meeting took place two days ahead of the inauguration of the 21st Assembly, elected through the April 15 general election.

Moon underlined the importance of cooperative politics ahead of the opening of the new Assembly, May 30.

“The President expressed high hopes for dialogue and communication with the two floor leaders,” presidential spokesman Kang Min-seok said in a briefing.

The President highlighted frequent meetings as the best way for cooperative politics. “The first step for cooperative politics for the President and the ruling and opposition parties will be to get together often, without any formalities. In the past such meetings took place when there was an issue that needed to be resolved. But in the future, we should meet regularly, even when there aren’t any urgent issues, and discuss state affairs,” Moon was quoted as saying by Kang.

To facilitate communication between the government and the opposition parties, Joo suggested the President create a Cabinet post which will be in charge of political affairs, mainly dialogue with the opposition bloc. Moon, in response, instructed his Chief of Staff Noh Young-min to look into the suggestion, according to Kang.

In particular, Moon stressed the need for the Assembly’s support for the response to COVID-19 and some of his cherished reforms, such as that of the prosecution. The core of this plan is to establish a separate investigative body for crimes by high-level officials. “Moon said, in order to tackle the biggest crisis since the Great Depression, the Assembly must swiftly proceed with the bill for the third extra budget to create jobs. He also expressed his hoped that the investigative body will be launched in July as planned,” the spokesman added.

The President also noted some of the latest activities by the UFP’s Joo for “national unity” in the past few weeks. “He noted Joo’s visit to the ceremony for the 40th anniversary of the May 18 pro-democracy movement in Gwangju and his participation at a memorial service of the 11th anniversary of the death of former President Roh Moo-hyun,” Kang said.

It was the first time for Moon to meet with the floor leaders of the political parties since November 5, 2018, and also the first time to meet the floor leaders of the two main parties without the participation of those from the minor opposition.

In previous lunch meetings with floor leaders of party leaders, the spokespeople from the parties were present, but this time the participants were limited to the two floor leaders and Noh Young-min, the presidential chief of staff, to allow for a more in-depth discussion, according to the presidential office.

The lengthy meeting is seen to reflect Moon’s wish to communicate closely with the Assembly in order to tackle the national crisis around the COVID-19 pandemic.


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