Most people view Prayut’s grilling as ‘useless’: poll

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A majority of people believe the parliamentary grilling of Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha over the incomplete oath-taking during the swearing-in ceremony of the cabinet was useless and did not elicit a clear explanation from the prime mininister, according to a survey by Suan Dusit Rajabhat University, or Suan Dusit Poll.

The poll was conducted on 1,164 people from September 19-21 to compile their opinions on the general debate initiated by the seven opposition parties in the House of Representatives.

A majority61.86 percentof the respondents said they were interested in the debate, while 38.14 percent were not.

The two groups were then asked to explain why.

Of those who were interested in the debate, 39.62 percent said they wanted to hear what the opposition would have to say; 25.79 percent wanted to know how the government would explain; 22.01 percent said the oath-taking is an important formality; 18.87 percent said the matter had been used to attack the prime minister and the government; and 13.21 percent said they were concerned about the country’s future.Of those who were not interested in the debate, 45.36 percent said they were fed up with politics and its quarrels; 24.75 percent said they were more interested in the problems of flooding and the poor economy; 21.65 percent said they were busy working and had no time to watch the debate; 16.49 percent said it was merely a war of words between politicians; and 12,37 percent said they did not watch the debate live because they knew they could get a summary from news reports afterwards.

Asked whether the debate was useful or not, only 37.24 percent said it was. The majority62.76 percent =- said it was useless.

The two groups were then asked to give their reasons from a multiple choice set of answers.

Of those who thought the debate was useful, 34.74 percent said they received information from it; 23.26 percent said the debate enabled them to see the stances of the government and the opposition; 20.00 percent said they learned more about the importance of the oath-taking from the debate; 15.79 percent said the debate enabled them to get to know more about their MPs; and 12.63 percent said they were able to get information directly from the debate, not from news reports that are sometimes distorted.

Of those who said the debate was useless, 41.06 percent said the prime minister did not give a clear explanation; 26.49 percent said the debate ended without a vote or a conclusion; 23.18 percent said economic matters were not discussed; 21.19 percent said the debate was a political move and had nothing to do with the lives of ordinary people; and 19.87 percent said it was a waste of time and money.


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