MSCI Launches 12 New China Indexes to Prepare Global Investors for Next Step of China A Inclusion Process

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HONG KONG–(BUSINESS WIRE)–MSCI Inc. (NYSE:MSCI), a leading provider of research-based indexes and
analytics, today announced the launch of 12 new indexes that will expand
MSCI’s China index offering to prepare global investors for the next
step of the China A inclusion process.

On June 20, 2017, MSCI announced
it would partially include the large cap China A shares in the MSCI
Emerging Markets Index and the MSCI ACWI Index. With A shares to be
partially included effective June 1, 2018, the MSCI China Indexes will
cover all share types of Chinese companies listed globally.

“We are proud to announce the launch of this new suite of China indexes.
With the increased liberalization and internationalization of the China
market, investors have expressed a clear need for more insight and tools
to make better informed investment decisions. MSCI is committed to
providing a full suite of innovative products, including Indexes, Risk
Models and ESG ratings to assist in this area,” said Theodore Niggli,
head of APAC index products, MSCI.

The new MSCI China A Indexes reflect the China A shares opportunity set,
and follow the MSCI Global Investable Markets Indexes Methodology and
the Stock Connect eligibility constraints for large cap and mid cap
companies. These indexes expand the range of the MSCI China All Shares
Indexes that represent the opportunity set of the integrated MCSI China
equity universe where China A shares are fully represented. The new
indexes also broaden the range of the MSCI China A International Indexes
which represent the A share component of the MSCI China All Shares
index, excluding the Stock Connect eligibility constraints.

The 12 new China indexes are:

MSCI Index Code     MSCI Index Name
718708     MSCI China A Index
718709     MSCI China A Large Cap Index
718710     MSCI China A Mid Cap Index
718711     MSCI China A RMB Index
718712     MSCI China A Large Cap RMB Index
718713     MSCI China A Mid Cap RMB Index
718847     MSCI China All Shares Large Cap Index
718848     MSCI China All Shares Mid Cap Index
718874     MSCI China All Shares SMID Cap Index
718849     MSCI China A International Large Cap Index
718850     MSCI China A International Mid Cap Index
718875     MSCI China A International Smid Cap Index

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