Muslim NGOs’ jihad against Cadbury makes international headlines

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The Cadbury scandal has made international headlines with Britain’s Daily Telegraph reporting that Muslim non-governmental organisations in Malaysia declaring jihad against the confectionery giant.

Last week, the health ministry revealed that traces of pork were found in samples taken from two of Cadbury Malaysia’s products.

Traces of porcine DNA were found in samples taken from bars of Cadbury dairy milk hazelnut and Cadbury dairy milk roast almond.

Following the revelation, Muslim NGOs in Malaysia declared a holy war on Cadbury Malaysia, the Daily Telegraph reported.

The daily quoted Selangor Perkasa chief Abu Bakar Yahya as saying Cadbury had betrayed Muslims in Malaysia.

“They put haram (prohibited) elements in the food we consume,” Abu Bakar told a press conference in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.

Muslim NGOs said Cadbury had crossed the line after a periodic check on its products by the health ministry confirmed traces of pork.

The Daily Telegraph reported that Cadbury had all of its products certified halal to conform with the Islamic dietary restrictions, which prohibits pork consumption.

Muslim Consumers Association of Malaysia president Nadzim Johan called for Cadbury’s factories in the country to be shut down immediately.

“Malays and Muslims nationwide should boycott Cadbury products with immediate effect,” the report quoted Nadzim as saying.

Pertubuhan Kebajikan Darul Islah Selangor (Perkid) chair Masrizi Sat accused Cadbury of attempting to “weaken” Muslims in Malaysia.

“I call on all Muslim brothers to wage a holy war or jihad against Cadbury. If a person eats pork, it is difficult to guide him to the right path.

“When judgment day comes, the person will be wearing a pig face because of what he has eaten.

“We need to unite and declare jihad against Cadbury,” the Daily Telegraph quoted Masrizi as saying.

Following the ministry’s findings, the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim) suspended the halal certification for the two products.

The products are Cadbury dairy milk hazelnut, with batch number 200813M01H I2 that expires on November 13, 2014 and Cadbury dairy milk roast almond, with batch number 221013N01R I1, that expires on January 15, 2015.

Director-general of Jakim Datuk Othman Mustapha told Bernama the move was taken based on the ministry’s findings.

“Further and thorough investigation will be carried out to determine the actual cause of contamination of the products,” he said.

Othman said Jakim had carried out periodical checks on the product manufacturer on February 20 and found that the company complied with the halal certification standards.

He also called on consumers not to be too worried about the use of Jakim’s halal logo as constant monitoring was done from time to time.

“If there is any breach or non-compliance with the halal certification requirements, Jakim has the power to suspend or revoke the halal certification immediately,” Bernama quoted him as saying.

Cadbury Confectionery Malaysia had taken immediate action by recalling the two products.


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