N Korea is a serious threat to US and the world, Biden press secretary says

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North Korea is a clear danger and the Biden administration plans to work with regional allies to deter it, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said in a press briefing on Friday.

Two days after President Joe Biden took office, Psaki outlined Biden’s position on North Korea and the importance of a multilateral approach to the problem.

“The president’s view is, of course, that without question North Korea’s nuclear ballistic missile and other proliferation-related activities constitute a serious threat to the international peace and security of the world and undermine the global nonproliferation regime,” Psaki said.

Image: Rodong Sinmun

Image: Rodong Sinmun

“And we obviously still have a vital interest in deterring North Korea,” she added. “As does Japan.”

This was in response to a question on US policy and Japan as it relates to North Korea.

Psaki then added, “We will adopt a new strategy to keep the American people and our allies safe. That approach will begin with a thorough policy review of the state of play in North Korea in close consultation with South Korea, Japan and other allies on ongoing pressure options, and the potential for any future diplomacy.”

Biden has promised “principled diplomacy” with North Korea but has also been openly critical of the regime. During his presidential campaign, Biden criticised former President Donald Trump’s failed summit diplomacy with North Korea, saying that he himself would not agree to meet Kim Jong Un without preconditions.

Biden and North Korea have a history of trading insults: During the presidential debates in 2020, Biden called Kim a “thug,” and in 2019, North Korean state media called Biden a “rabid dog” that should “be beaten to death” for his negative remarks about Kim. Kim himself, in his remarks at the Eighth Party Congress this month, also referred to the United States as North Korea’s “biggest enemy.”

One concern among critics of Trump’s approach has been that it was dominated by Trump himself, allowing little consultation with regional allies such as South Korea and Japan, who could be most directly affected if a conflict with North Korea broke out.

Psaki closed by addressing this point in particular.

“So I will say we will as we have historically the United States will work closely with partners in the region to determine a path forward and work together on deterrence.”




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