Najib: No one would be left behind

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No Malaysian should be left behind from national development, more so when the latest International Monetary Fund (IMF) finding shows that the nation was well on its way to become an advanced economy, prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said. He said the global financial institution’s latest report showed that Malaysia’s strong and resilient economy was supported by accommodative monetary policies, coupled with solid fiscal consolidation. “Today as I scanned through my mobile, I found out that the IMF came out with its latest finding to say that Malaysia is well on its way to become an advanced economy, the economy is on a strong footing but I don’t want to think that everything is hunky dory. “I want to make sure every individual in our society will have someone to help them out…I believe in more equitable development, development must reach out to every individual,” he said in his speech to announce new policies meted out by CIMB today. The policies were allowance for male staff members to take one month paternity leave for firstborn, while female staff with children could now work from home. Also present were CIMB Group Chair Datuk Seri Nazir Razak and CIMB Group Chief Executive Officer Tengku Datuk Seri Zafrul Aziz. Najib said regardless race or culture, all Malaysians must be part of the country’s aspiration and future as entailed in the National Transformation 2050 plan. “I want to share with you something I experienced today. I went to a low cost flat in Taman Segar Cheras. But the name ‘segar’ (new or fresh) is a misnomer. It is quite the opposite. I went up the flats, and met this very impoverished Chinese family. “The son had to give up his work to look after his ailing mother. Later I went to another occupied by an Indian family. The mother was looking after her son who is 54-years old suffering from acute down syndrome. “I was very moved because as we progress, as society progresses, no system would prevent people falling through the cracks. There will be individuals for one reason or another, who are poor. Sometimes not by choice, sometimes by sheer circumstances.” Najib said the country needed a system to look after the interests of such groups. “Taman Segar, in three years’ time will have a spanking new unit for each family for free. “This is thanks to the housing scheme that we have. “Each family will live in a new 800sq feet condominium unit. The building will have a swimming pool, gymnasium and amenities.” Najib also urged CIMB to do more through its corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes to help out those in need. He said the government had announced a policy to incentivise CSR endeavours and would get the private sector to provide job opportunity schemes like Skim Latihan 1Malaysia. He said organisations like CIMB could do things to assist the government in helping people who fall through the cracks to stand on their own feet. Najib also commended CIMB for going beyond the 30 per cent target in appointing women as decision-makers, at 40 per cent.


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