New Book Encourages Individuals to Start Their Own Business

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Every year in Hong Kong an ever-growing number of people are choosing to work for themselves. To encourage and support those wanting to start their own ventures, the JEM Group is delighted to announce the launch of its new book, “Born to be the Boss” which shares the startup stories of six extraordinary entrepreneurs in Hong Kong who have successfully turned their dream of owning and running their own business into a profitable reality.

Today, the small business sector makes a huge contribution in Hong Kong. Latest figures published by the Hong Kong SAR Government’s Support and Consultation Centre for SMEs (SUCCESS) show that small and medium-sized enterprises comprise over 98% of the business establishments in the territory, employing nearly 1.3 million people and providing around 50% of private sector jobs.

Co-authored by Janet Middlemiss and Bianca Zee-Geissler, “Born to be the Boss” recounts the startup journeys of how the entrepreneurial founders of companies including Sir Hudson International, the Johanna Ho Label, Hong Kong Matchmakers, AsiaXPAT, TREE and CHI Residences transformed an enterprising idea into a million-dollar business.

Presented as a collection of meaningful conversations, the book not only shares the personal tips, wisdom and insights of these entrepreneurial achievers, but also explores the emotional turbulence, internal struggles, anxieties and self-doubt that often go hand-in-hand with starting a business, thereby providing lessons for addressing common startup challenges and concerns.

Born to be the Boss

In doing so, “Born to be the Boss” is intended to serve as a source of encouragement for individuals both in Hong Kong and further afield who are either considering starting a business or whose ventures are in their infancy by offering an account of each entrepreneur’s strategies, influences and experiences.

“The book’s content is timely since we are no longer living in a society where people believe in lifetime employment,” says the JEM Group’s CEO and Co-author Janet Middlemiss. “Quite the opposite, changing attitudes are encouraging more people to seriously consider entrepreneurship as a career and to launch their own startups.”

As an initiative of the JEM Group’s “Born to be the Boss” entrepreneurial campaign which aims to help people start and grow their own business by providing information, guidance and support, an added feature of the book is a comprehensive resource section that serves as a compendium of synergistic organisations and groups that may be able to assist budding entrepreneurs and business owners.

To support fledgling businesses, a proportion of the profits from the sale of the book will also be lent to entrepreneurs on Kiva, a non-profit crowd-funding platform which provides access to startup capital that can help aspiring entrepreneurs in developing countries start and launch businesses.

Available both in paperback and as an e-book, for more information on “Born to be the Boss,” please visit for details.

Editor’s Notes

The JEM Group is a social enterprise that is spearheading a unique global initiative to empower any person from any walk of life with the knowledge, skills and confidence to take their creative ideas and make them happen.

To do so, JEM offers an approachable facility for people to explore and develop their creative talents whether their passion is to start a business, become a chef, make their mark in the world of sports, music, fashion or drama, or instigate a not-for-profit cause.

This is achieved by offering platforms where not only young people but anyone of any age who has a creative ambition can turn to seek insight and information, network with like-minded individuals, and have access to successful mentors in their field of choice, as part of steps to make their ideas a reality.

Media Contact

For media interviews or further information on “Born to be the Boss,” please contact:

Janet Middlemiss
Tel: (852) 2857 3832
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