New Taipei Mayor gradually begins implementing vaccine passports for Taiwan’s largest city

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New Taipei City Mayor Hou Yu-ih announced on Saturday (January 15) that the city would begin implementing vaccine passports, beginning with school campuses.

Hou says that to enter a campus, an individual must present their yellow vaccination certificate showing they have been administered with two doses of vaccination, or their National Health Insurance card. The education bureau said this measure is already being implemented, according to a CNA report.

Hou says he places high priority on combatting the latest outbreak of COVID-19. He says the rate for a single dose vaccination in New Taipei has reached 81 percent, while the rate for double vaccination has reached 75 percent. This makes it an appropriate time to roll out vaccine passport measures, according to Hou.

Hou said elementary school children have not yet been vaccinated, and so campuses are currently not open to the public. Though individuals may enter a school campus, it has been at least 14 days since they received their second doses of the vaccine, and Hou thinks it is best to take a third dose before coming onto school grounds.

CNA reporters asked Hou if there are plans for vaccine passport requirements for schools to be extended to restaurants, shops, department stores and other public venues. Hou did not give a definitive answer, only saying that experts will be consulted and the implementation will be done gradually.

Liu Ming-chao, deputy director of the city’s education bureau, said epidemic prevention measures have been implemented for some time and that, exempting special teaching activities, elementary schools have not opened their sports fields to the public. In recent days, several schools in neighbouring Taoyuan City have been closed due to their proximity to COVID-19 outbreaks.


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