Number of Japanese people sleeping less than six hours a night reaches record high

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Men say sleep deficit caused by excessive working hours, and women by housework, according to new survey

Around 40 per cent of people in Japan sleep for less than six hours a night, and many more for considerably under the recommended seven hours, according to a recent survey.

The National Health Survey recorded the sleeping habits of 3,500 Japanese households throughout 2015, and found record numbers of men and women were failing to get sufficient rest.

The largest proportion of respondents said they slept between six and less than seven hours on average per day. The percentage of people sleeping for less than six hours now stands at 39.5 per cent, up 11.1 per cent from a decade ago.

When asked why they did not get enough sleep, men said their working hours were too long, while women blamed the use of technology before bed and “excessive housework”.

Japan’s health ministry said the results of the survey “suggest the need for thinking about how to improve our work-life balance and to share housework”, according to Japan Times.

The Japanese government is in the process of reviewing overtime policies at major businesses, after it was found employees were suffering severe levels of stress and some had even died through excessive working hours.

Meanwhile, a recent report showed more than half a million young people in Japan live reclusive lifesyles and barely leave their apartments.

Medical experts believe psychological and cultural influences combine to make young people feel they need to withdraw entirely.

The lifestyle is linked to anxiety and is more common in men who face significant pressures in their lives.


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