NVL shines on first day on HSX

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Novaland stock does well on opening day on December 28 as VN Index alone in falling.

The VN Index was the only main index to fall on December 28.

It closed 0.36 points (0.05 per cent) down on HSX while the VN-30 Index rose 1.37 points (0.22 per cent) and the VNMid-Index lost 0.02 points (0 per cent) and the VNSml-Index 0.14 points (0.02 per cent).

The HNX-Index increased 0.16 points (0.21 per cent) on HNX and the HNX30-Index 0.87 points (0.62 per cent) while the UPCoM-Index lost 0.19 points (0.36 per cent) and the VNAll-Index gained 1.26 points (0.13 per cent).

HSX saw 130 shares increase and 115 decrease while HNX saw 84 increase and 90 decrease.

Liquidity on HNX was VND231 billion ($10.1 million), 6 per cent lower than yesterday, and on HSX was VND1.98 trillion ($87 million), more or less the same as yesterday. HSX maintained the same liquidity as yesterday thanks to NVL, or the Novaland Group, a property company on its first day on the market, which added VND433 billion ($19 million) to the total. With the highest liquidity on HSX, it increased 20 per cent.

The VN Index opened at 663.9 points and rose to 666.4 points at the beginning of the morning session, which was its peak of the day. It then headed downwards, to 662.7 points, then recovered to 664 points and fluctuated before closing the session at 662.5 points. In the afternoon it fluctuated and hit its bottom of the day of 661.9 points before recovering to 663.5 points at the close.

ROS increased again, by 0.8 per cent, on the second-highest liquidity on HSX of VND159 billion ($6.93 million).

VNM increased 0.8 per cent on trade of VND133.46 billion ($5.86 million). Among other large caps in food and beverages, SAB rose 0.5 per cent and KDC 1.7 per cent while MSN lost 2 per cent.

Steel’s two largest shares closed up on high liquidity: HPG by 1 per cent on VND150 billion ($6.58 million) and HSG 2.6 per cent on VND59 billion ($2.59 million), which were the third and fifth highest on HSX.

In banking, BID and VCB lost 0.3 per cent and 1.1 per cent, respectively, while EIB and CTG closed at their opening price and STB increased 5.8 per cent and MBB 0.4 per cent.

In energy, GAS was down 0.2 per cent and PGD 0.4 per cent while CNG rose 0.3 per cent.

Among other large caps on HSX, VIC was down 1.7 per cent, MWG 0.4 per cent, and BVH 1.3 per cent.

Among large caps on HNX, ACB, SHB and VCS increased 0.6 per cent, 2.3 per cent and 2 per cent, respectively, as VCG shed 0.6 per cent, PHP 4.7 per cent and PVS 0.6 per cent.

Foreign investors net sold on HSX by VND79 billion ($3.46 million) and net bought on HNX by VND397 million ($17,436).

The rise of VNM contributed to the index’s gains, while many large caps corrected, weakening the index rapidly in the morning, where it remained below the reference level until the end of the session. Market liquidity did not improve from previous sessions and focused on a number of large caps, real estate stocks, and small caps.

There was a lack of motivation to recover in the final session of the year, with market liquidity remaining limited and focused on specific sectors such as steel and real estate. The market has yet to establish solid trends recently and this may remain the case until the VN Index reaches an average exit area in the short and medium term, of MA (15) and MA (45). Market risk can be corrected to lower the support level of 660. Investors should limit their participation in low-cost stocks that are attractive only in the short-term but may have the potential for continued strong discounts in a lower price range.

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