Ocean Infinity to resume search for MH370, believes it has a realistic prospect of finding plane

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Ocean Infinity Limited believes it has a ‘realistic prospect’ of finding the missing flight MH370.

Chief executive officer of the United States based exploration firm, Oliver Plunkett said for the new search operation, the firm will be deploying eight Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV) or drones to sweep the seabed.

“We have a fleet of drones which are packed with a variety of censors, detectors and cameras which can go below sea surfaces.

“These drones will come with information which we will process on board. In this case, these drones are supposed to identify objects and locate wreckage of the missing Boeing 777 under the sea,” he told reporters today.

In the previous search, the Fugro specialist survey vessels used were only able to deploy one AUV to locate the wreckage.

Plunkett said the vessel, known as the Seabed Constructor is expected to be at the search location in the Southern Indian Ocean on January 17.

“The operation will be launched immediately after the vessel arrives at the location and the search will be completed within the 90 days time which is given by the Malaysian government,” he added.

Established at the end of 2015, the company is equipped with the latest technologies and experience.

“Despite being new in the business, we have an experience of 6,100 hours of AUV dive time in a variety of terrains and projects like Gulf stream and the coast of the United States.

“We are also capable of operating in depths of 5,860 m and collecting high resolution data at record breaking speeds.

“For the search of MH370, we are expecting to complete 1,200 sq km a day. Therefore we projecting to complete searching the 25,000 sq km within the first 30 days.

“With the remaining 60 days, we will carry on looking for MH370 at wider areas if it is not found within 25,000 sq km area.

Plunkett said Ocean Infinity also comprised experts and industry leaders who have vast knowledge in offshore survey operations using AUV, including four who were involved in the search for Air France Flight 447 in 2009.

“For the MH370 search mission, we have 65 crew members including 25 experts.

“The funding for the search and the equipment was obtained from the shareholders who had invested in the company,” he added.



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