Only VN30-Index down

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Today’s market demonstrated a more cautious investor response to a high market risk.

Only VN30-Index decreased while other main indexes on Vietnam’s stock market closed higher on December 7.

On the HSX the VN Index increased 2.04 points (0.31 per cent) while the VN30-Index fell by 1.26 points (0.2 per cent), and on the HNX the HNX-Index increased 0.07 points (0.09 per cent) and the HNX30-Index 0.31 points (0.22 per cent).

The VNAll-Index closed down 0.88 points (0.09 per cent) and the UPCoM Index rose 0.1 points (0.18 per cent). The VNMid Index increased 2.8points (0.35 per cent) while VNSml fell 2.28points (2.09 per cent).

HSX saw 117 shares increasing and 122 decreasing while the HNX saw 115 increasing and 112 decreasing.

Liquidity on HNX was VND362 billion ($15.92 million), about 1 per cent higher than yesterday, and on the HSX was VND1.9 trillion ($83.6 million), down 13 per cent.

The VN Index opened at 651.49 points and decreased to the low for the day of 647.4 points at the beginning of the morning session. It increased significantly to 654 points before decreasing to 652.2 points at the middle of the morning session and after that, it recovered to 654 points and fell slightly to close at 653.1 points at the end of the morning session. The VN Index fluctuated through the afternoon session and closed at 653.5 points.

SAB yesterday increased 20 per cent and for the second trading on HSX, it rose 7 per cent in price and trading value of VND90.5 billion ($3.9 million).

ROS saw the highest trading value on HSX of some VND284 billion ($12.5 million), and increased 5.2 per cent in price.

VNM decreased 1.1 per cent in price and trading value by some VND274.56 billion ($12.10 million)

Two steel shares – HPG and HSG – saw high trade of VND122 billion ($5.37 million) and VND104 billion ($4.58 million), respectively. HPG fell 0.1 per cent while HSG increased 1.3 per cent in price.

Most finance shares on HSX closed lower. BCG decreased 2.8 per cent, STB 1.5 per cent, FIT 0.4 per cent while EIB increased 6.9 per cent and VCB 0.7 per cent.

Among energy stocks PGD, GAS and PVD decreased 6.7 per cent, 2.4 per cent and 1.1 per cent respectively while KHP rose 0.4 per cent and NK2 0.2 per cent.

Among large caps on HNX, PVS decreased 0.6 per cent, while PGS fell 0.6 per cent and ACB 0.5 per cent. PVG, SEB, HLC closed at their opening price.

Foreign investors net sold on HSX by VND131 billion ($5.77 million) and net bought on HNX by VND16 billion ($705,467).


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