Over 40pct of Taiwanese vapors unaware e-cigarettes may contain nicotine

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A new study reveals low awareness among some Taiwanese electronic cigarette users they are vaping nicotine.

The online study, which received 1,608 valid samples from people aged 15 to 49, found that 5.5 percent are active vapers. The survey found 44.6 percent of them do not realise many vaping cartridges contain nicotine, according to the Health Promotion Administration (HPA).

According to an inspection conducted by the Food and Drug Administration, up to 90 percent of vaping products on the market were found to contain nicotine. For the nicotine-free ones, many still have methanol, ethanol, or other toxic substances, HPA said.

Meanwhile, HPA noted that there have been incidents from Taiwan and abroad where e-liquids are discovered to be laced with drugs, including amphetamine and cannabis. The agency is urging people to exert caution due to addiction risks and health hazards associated with vaping.

In other findings, the survey indicates that 21.8 percent of smokers are also e-cigarette users, and nearly 20 percent of vapers are unaware exposure to secondhand vape aerosol could be harmful to health. In addition, around 66.4 percent of respondents support a ban on e-cigs.

Medical experts are calling on the public to heed the vapor-induced illnesses in heart and lungs. Those who take to both traditional and neo tobacco products have a sevenfold chance of contracting COVID-19 compared to nonsmokers, CNA quoted Wu Yen-wen, director of Far Eastern Memorial Hospital’s Cardiovascular Medical Centre, as saying.



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