Passlogy Co., Ltd. Has Released the World’s First and the Most Powerful Windows PC Sign-In Protection Software, “Passmado”. “Passmado” Protects Your PC for Free with Your Smartphone!

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TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–April 20: Passlogy Co., Ltd. has begun to offer “Passmado,” a free
software that locks sign-ins to Windows PC with a smartphone link and
protects against unauthorized sign-ins.
“Passmado” is free software
that can be installed on any Windows PC. It interacts with the
smartphone application “PassClip,” also provided by Passlogy free of

PDF version download URL[PressRelease]Passmado_20180420.pdf

Why “World’s Strongest?” – How “Passmado” Protects Your Windows PC
replaces password-based sign-ins to Windows PCs with a “Password
changing over a certain period of time” [* 1].
This “password
that changes over a certain period of time” is displayed in the form of
a 5 x 5 lattice-like grid (matrix) in the smartphone app “PassClip” [*
“Passmado” is a mechanism (knowledge authentication software)
that only the person who knows a correct “pattern” (Chosen by the user)
can derive the dynamic one-time password.
Furthermore, after
displaying the password with PassClip, it unlocks [* 3] for 60 seconds.
If the device is locked, it will not accept sign-ins (possession
In theory, this two-factor / two-way
authentication of “pattern storage” and “unlocking” completely prevents
against authentication-related hacking.

Why “World’s First” – The Culmination of Passlogy’s Patented

“Passmado” is the mechanism of two-factor / two-way
authentication and uses a patented technology which is publicly
recognized as state-of-the-art.
Therefore, the Windows Sign-in
Protect Service with “Passmado” will be the world’s first service of its
kind and offered only by Passlogy.

[*1] Password changing over a certain period of time: Japan Patent No.
[*2] Display password in the form of a 5 x 5 lattice-like
grid: Japan Patent No. 5276658
[*3] Unlock over a certain period of
time: Japan Patent No. 5906363

Assumed Users of “Passmado”
We assume that
“Passmado” can be used for Windows PC individual users as shown below.

-Assumed User Case 1: Users Who Emphasize Data Protection in Windows

Any solution for enhancing the windows sign-in with a
second authentication factor requires a second device and some effort.
However, Passmado/PassClip provides not only strong authentication but
it’s user friendly and comfortable compared to other two-factor
authentication solutions. It’s beneficial to those who keep important
data on the Windows PC, who share a single PC with multiple people, and
all those who are not good at memorizing static passwords.

-Assumed User Case 2: Windows Remote Desktop Users
using “Remote Desktop Connection” (standard function in Windows 10 Pro)
on your Windows PC at home or in a private location and installing
“Passmado” on the remote destination PC, a secure sign-in environment
can be realized.
In Remote Desktop Connection, the connected PC can
be accessed at all times and hacking is a major issue. However, if you
use “Passmado”, the smartphone lock function makes it secure to
completely prevent unauthorized sign-ins. In the case of Remote Desktop
Connection, which tends to be hacked, “Passmado” can be a powerful

Supported Environments
“Passmado” works on Windows 7, 8.1,
10, with support for 32-bit and 64-bit versions and is certified as safe
software with Microsoft code signing certificate. It is also possible to
install “Passmado” on multiple Windows PCs and manage them with one
In addition, each can be managed with a common password
or can be managed with separate passwords.
Free software “Passmado”
is for personal use only. There is no enterprise version.

Please refer to the following site for details.
Introduction Page:

“PassClip” works in conjunction with “Passmado” on iOS and Android
devices, you can download it for free for smartphones from the App Store
or Google Play.
-PassClip introduction page:

Image files download URL

About Passlogy Corporation
Since its establishment in 2000,
Passlogy Corporation has continued to research and develop
authentication methods centered on one-time passwords.
It is a R&D
IT technology venture company that has 23 acquired patents in Japan and
71 in total worldwide, possessing multiple “World’s First” unique basic
-Passlogy company information page:

Passlogy Co., Ltd. Overview
Address: 3-26-8
Kanda-Ogawamachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Established: February 24, 2000
100 million yen
CEO and president: Hideharu Ogawa
products: PassLogic, PassClip, OTP platform

* The contents described in this release are the information at the time
of announcement. They are subject to change without notice.
Product names and company names mentioned are trademarks or registered
trademarks of each company.


Passlogy Corporation Marketing: Kenzo Fujii
Phone: +81-3-5283-2263
[email protected]
Marketing Passlogy ([email protected])
Date/Time: Mon. through Fri. 9:00 – 11:00 Japan Standard Time till April


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