PM Lee picnics with his grandchild at Singapore Botanic Gardens

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On April 6th (Saturday), Singapore’s prime minister Lee Hsien Loong was seen at the Singapore Botanic Gardens by some netisens.

Photos that had gone viral on Facebook showed that he was spending a day out with his wife and his grandson.

They were sitting on a picnic mat on the grass, enjoying a performance by the Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO). PM Lee Hsien Loong was wearing a polo t-shirt and could be seen taking pictures of his grandchild along with Lee.

PM Lee also shared on his Facebook page of his “relaxing evening” spent at the Singapore Botanical Gardens watching the SCO’s Spring at the Gardens concert. He shared photos of the other audience around, six sisters on a musical outing together, and of the orchestra performing. He also took pictures of bougainvilleas near the Eco Lake, which are in full bloom.

“We’ve had some wet weather lately, but fortunately conditions were perfect for yesterday’s performance!”, said PM Lee. He also took the opportunity to “jalan-jalan” after the concert as he said the weather was good.

Some Facebook users commented:

“So heartwarming.”

“It is our country’s culture. No matter who you are, you are also part of citizens (sic) of Singapore,” said another user. She also added that they are fortunate to have a down-to-earth prime minister.

A Facebook user posted in Chinese stating: “The prime minister’s family is just like yours and mine. He was sitting on a picnic mat, and his wife was lying on the grass.”

“He was also just like a typical grandfather, snapping photos of his grandchild and taking selfies too.”

Emeritus Senior minister Goh Chok Tong was also among the audience last Saturday.

He posted on Facebook that evening saying: “I spied PM with my iPhone eye at the SCO evening concert at Singapore Botanic Gardens. Can you make him out? He is wearing a grey T-shirt.”

Emeritus Senior minister Goh Chok Tong also posted on his Facebook on spotting prime minister Lee Hsien Loong. | Source: Facebook

It is indeed lovely to see your prime minister in public, enjoying a concert and fresh air just like a regular person and definitely heartwarming to see him spending time with his grandchild and family.


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