Police report filed over photos of men engaging in sexual activity while in SAF uniform

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The Ministry of Defence (Mindef) has filed a police report over photographs of two men allegedly participating in explicit sexual activity while dressed in army uniforms. The images were reportedly shared on Twitter.

In a statement, Mindef said that the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) did not condone any inappropriate use of uniforms.

“Inappropriate acts involving our uniforms are disrespectful to our servicemen and women, and undermines their dedication and commitment in the defence of our country,” a spokesperson said. “Any serviceman who makes unauthorised use of any part of our uniforms may be charged in court.”

Mindef further noted that the post has since been deleted by Twitter for being in violation of its community standards.

In photographs captured by AsiaOne, a man in an unbuttoned SAF uniform is seen wearing a dog gimp mask with a collar on his neck. The collar is attached to a metal chain.

In another photograph, two men in SAF uniforms are in what appear to be a bedroom, engaging in explicit sexual activity. The masked man in the image is on all fours with his pants down and has an apparatus protruding from his buttocks. The other man, also with genitals exposed, stands over the masked man, holding the latter’s leash on one hand and an apparatus in another.

According to AsiaOne, the images were in a tweet made by an account with the handle @Kingon 20 January.

Mindef had replied to a tweet by users highlighting the incident, stating that it was looking into the incident and following up with relevant agencies.

A search showed that the @Kingaccount no longer exists.

Under the Decorations and Uniforms Act, the unauthorised use of naval, military, air or police forces uniform is prohibited. If convicted, an offender may be jailed up to three months, or fined up to $400.



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