Politicians, academics reject discourse on constitutional amendment

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Some politicians and academics grouped in the University of Indonesia Alumni Association (ILUNI UI) rejected the discourse on amendment to the 1945 Constitution during the 61st ILUNI UI Salemba Discussion Forum held on Saturday.

They saw no urgency in amendment to the constitution while outlining the importance of evaluating and studying thoroughly the results of the previous amendment to the constitution.

Member of Parliament Benny K Harman stood firm against the discourse on amendment to the constitution, arguing that there is no urgent and systemic problem which necessitates the amendment.

“Amendment is stance which is the result of evaluation. So, we cannot do it as it is. Is there any problem? Doesn’t check and balance work? These all must be proven comprehensively,” Harman who is chief of the Democrat Party Faction at the People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR) said.

Chief of ILUNI UI Policy centre Mohammad Jibriel Avessina noted the discourse on amendment to the constitution surfaced due to the desire to create State Policy Outlines (PPHN). However, PPHN is no longer compatible with the present state administrative and political systems in the country.

“There is no urgency to incorporate PPHN into the fifth round of amendment (to the constitution). ILUNI UI Policy centre reminds the civil society to keep supervising the ongoing political process,” Jibriel said.

State administrative law expert Bivitri Susanti shared Jibriel’s view, saying the effort to create PPHN through the amendment to the constitution is not compatible with the state administrative system.

“MPR is no longer the highest state institution. MPR does not elect president and vice president so it cannot give a mandate as provided for in the now-defunct GBHN (state policy guidelines). Neither can it dismiss president or vice president for violating GBHN,” he said.

DPR member Fadli Zon said the wish to amend the 1945 Constitution must come from the people’s need and wish.

“Don’t let the people be trapped in faith accompli for the council’s decision which does not involve the people,” he said.

He proposed that MPR hold a referendum so that the discourse on amendment to the constitution will really come from the people’s wish. “Referendum is a way to return voice to the public,” he said.

.Deputy Chair of the National Mandate Party (PAN) Viva Yoga Mauladi said the discourse on the amendment to the constitution should not be continued while the people are struggling to face various difficulties during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I think now is not the time to amend the 1945 Constitution though actually we can do it,” Viva Yoga said.

The discourse on amendment to the 1945 Constitution surfaced when MPR Chief Bambang Soesatyo addressed the MPR general Assembly on August 16, 2021.

In his address Soesatyo said PPHN will safeguard the government’s visionary plan though the pair of president and vice president changes.



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