Rafidah: My loyalty lies with Malaysia, not Mahathir

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Former international trade and industries minister Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz denied today that she is a Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad loyalist, insisting instead that she is loyal to the country.

Speaking at a ceramah here, Rafidah was asked by the public why she had only chosen now to speak up on behalf of Pakatan Harapan, and had not said a word during the Deklarasi Rakyat period despite always standing by Dr Mahathir’s side.

“Let me correct that perception. I’ve never been loyal to a human being. I’m loyal to the country.

“I have the highest confidence and full belief in Tun’s leadership. Those who are loyal to leaders, will continue being loyal even if their leaders become criminals,” she said, mentioning Dr Mahathir by his title.

“I often argued with Tun. You saw my tears when Tun wanted to step down as prime minister but you never knew what happened behind closed doors, how angry I got at him some times,” she said.

Rafidah was among those who had come up to stage in 2002 to persuade Dr Mahathir to retract his announcement to step down as prime minister.

The woman many dub “Iron Lady” seemed to have not lost her charm, as she bantered with members of the public here, causing ripples of laughter to erupt in the crowd of roughly 100 locals.

Some even came all the way from Alor Star, including a pair of Indian women who were among many who requested a selfie with one of Malaysia’s most iconic leaders.

During her speech, she also recalled an incident when she was still part of Dr Mahathir’s cabinet. At that time, the Malaysia’s prime minister of 22 years said that a deputy must always be loyal to the president.

Rafidah said she voiced her disagreement immediately saying that her support of Dr Mahathir was due to the way he managed the country and for what he stood for, not because he was the party president.

Her presence in Pendang was to give support to the three Pakatan Harapan candidates here: Wan Saiful Wan January who is contesting for the Pendang federal seat, Abdul Razak Khamis who is contesting in Sungai Tiang state seat, and Mohd Firdaus Jaafar.

Rafidah also teased Wan Saiful saying she could not promise her support prior to Nomination Day as the winds of politics might change and he might not be fielded, but now that he has been selected, he has her full support.



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