Rais Yatim: Dewan Negara’s special August sitting to focus on ministers’ briefings

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The focus of Dewan Negara’s special three-day sitting in August will be on ministers’ briefings to members of the upper house of Parliament, with no unexpected motions to be raised, Dewan Negara Speaker Tan Sri Rais Yatim said today.

Rais said he was informed by the prime minister who is the leader of the house that it was important for the special Dewan Negara sitting from August 3 to 5 to be held, as it is for public interest and had to be held earlier than the date that had been determined originally.

He listed the affairs decided by the prime minister for the Dewan Negara special sitting, including the tabling of the Proclamations of Emergency dated January 11 for the whole country and dated December 12, 2020 on by-elections for the Gerik parliamentary seat in Perak and the Bugaya state seat in Sabah as well as Emergency ordinances.

Also included in the list determined by the prime minister are ministers’ briefings to explain the National Recovery Plan, the Covid-19 programme, the Emergency implementation and economic aid packages, Rais said.

“As the session this time is in the form of a special sitting, the focus is on explanations and there will not be issues of motions outside of expectations,” Rais said in a statement, adding that the three-day sitting will fall outside the Emergency period.

The nationwide Emergency from January 11 is expected to end on August 1, if not lifted earlier or extended.

Rais also said the usual standing orders would be in force during Dewan Negara’s special sitting in August, adding that he would consider any questions, explanations or right to explain by Dewan Negara members based on the relevance.

He said that strict anti-Covid standard operating procedures (SOPs) as determined by the health ministry and National Security Council would be in force at all times to ensure the Dewan Negara special sitting proceed smoothly.



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