Raymond Wong supports closing down cinemas temporarily

21-Feb-2020 Intellasia | Yahoo Newsroom | 6:02 AM Print This Post

Hong Kong producer Raymond Wong recently admitted that he would support the government’s decision if they are to demand for the cinemas to be shut down temporarily due to the pandemic.

As reported on Mingpao, the producer who spoke to the media at the Hong Kong International Airport before departing to Malaysia, stated that the related government department has had meetings with the Hong Kong Theaters Association but has not reached a consensus regarding the matter.

“But I do support [closing it down]. You should stop and wait until the pandemic has passed. The attendance has been in decline anyway and there aren’t many audiences,” he said.

As for the Hong Kong Film Awards cancelling its annual awards presentation, Raymond said that it would be less exciting if there are no live events.

“But there is nothing that we can do. The decision was made in response to the pandemic,” he added.



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