Reaction from Chinese residents to the once-in-a-decade census

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The following are comments from Shanghai residents following the release in China of a once-in-a-decade census that showed the population grew at its slowest pace since the 1950s.

GRAPHIC-China 2020 census


“Property prices are high and young people are under great financial pressure now. For us to have a child, we need a certain financial foundation, then we will consider it. For these past two years, my financial resources are enough to support a child for the next few years, so I thought about having this baby. As for the second child, I’ll have to consider as to whether I’ll have the energy.”


“I think the population growth will go lower and lower in the future. I am a mother of two children. Although I followed the call of our country to give birth to a second child, I actually regret this decision, really.

“We are good with our finances but the biggest problem is that no one can help us with our children. Besides that, our children’s education is another problem.”

She added:

“Every child is the king of their own family now. But my parents’ health and my grandparents’ health are also problems. They cannot keep helping us with our children. We have our own jobs, we need to support the elderly and we need to raise the child. This is too difficult for us.”


“In past decades, we benefitted a lot from the demographic dividend. Now that we’ve come to the point of an ageing society, you will find that people over 60 or 65 are equivalent to a kind of debt rather than a dividend.

“In this situation, it’s become very important for young people to be more willing to have children or make more contributions.”


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