Researchers in China introduce Jia Jia, the ‘robot goddess’

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Robots have come a long way since the days of cartoon character George Jetson’s “Rosie,” who served as housekeeper and maid and referred to her keeper as ” J.”

Last week, researchers at the University of Science and Technology of China, located in Hefei, introduced the world to Jia Jia, a lifelike female robot that dazzled.

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The team said it took three years to design and complete Jia Jia, who boasts a flexible plastic face, long brown hair, arms that move and eyes that roll naturally.

Chen Xiaoping, who served as the team’s director, said that during her design, particular attention was paid to Jia Jia’s eyes, as well as ensuring that her speech was in sync with her lip movements, according to The Independent.

“Hello everyone, I’m Jia Jia,” said the robot, as she greeted the crowd, “welcome.”

The robot, wearing a gold dress, referred to Chen as her “Lord” and advised members of the media to keep back when taking photos so that her face wouldn’t appear too fat.

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According to Xinhua, Chen said plans are in the works to upgrade Jia Jia with artificial intelligence mechanisms that will allow her to recognise facial expressions, among other things. Chen told the news outlet that he hopes to transform her into a “robot goddess.”

Jia Jia will be featured at the Shanghai International Technology Fair on April 21.


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