Russian beauty queen demands Malaysian king take a paternity test and asks for apology days after he disowned their son and divorced her

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A RUSSIAN beauty queen at the centre of a divorce row with the former King of Malaysia has challenged him to take a paternity test after he disowned their son.

Rihanna Oksana Veovodina, 26, converted to Islam and married Sultan Muhammad V, 49, last year when he abdicated the throne for her last November.

But the Sultan now claims the pair have divorced and that he has “disinherited” their two-month-old baby Leon, as he doesn’t believe he’s the father.

Oksana’s friends insist their marriage is still valid and have rubbished claims that the child could belong to someone else, reports Mail Online.

Now living with baby Leon in a country house near Moscow, Oksana demands a “public apology” from the former king.

Her close friend Liliya Nastaeva, 32, said today of the Sultan’s fatherhood claims: “What nonsense.

“We are very sorry that his royal, though former, highness chose such a talkative and unprofessional lawyer.

“All people close to Oksanaher parents, friends, familyare waiting for a public apology from him.

“And if (the former king) has some suspicions, then he can always do a DNA test. Oksana, for her part, is ready for thisI can tell you as I am her closest friend.

“If Oksana had ever shown the face of a child, no one would have any doubts, because father and son share one face.”


Royal sources claim the Sultan intends to “provide for” the mother and baby, but they have not received royal titles.

The couple got married on June 7, 2018, when Muhammad V still ruled as King of Malaysia.

They had a second ceremony in November the same year, and details were leaked to the media.

When sordid details of the beauty queen’s past came to light, concerns grew in conservative Malaysia.

A series of raunchy modelling pictures surfaced, and she had even taken part in a reality TV show in which she was filmed having sex in a swimming pool.

Facing growing pressure, Sultan Muhammad V dramatically gave up his throne in January this year to be with the Russian model.

The abdication was the first for the country since its independence from British rule in 1957.

The Sultan’s lawyers claim the couple have now divorced after a ceremony in which Muhammad V rejected his wife three times in the presence of witnesses.


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