Satellite image suggests Kim Jong-un’s NUCLEAR submarine is ready to launch

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North Korea’s Soviet-inspired death ships could enable Kim to target the US or even Europe

The aerial images show the mobile weapon of mass destruction which would enable dictator Kim Jong-un to strike the United States or even Europe.

North Korea boffin Joseph Bermudez, who has been studying the sinister sub’s development since 2014, believes the craft is being readied for action.

American egg-head Bermudez, who works for NK analysis website 38 North, says the pictures suggest the submarine has recently been out at sea.

He also points to the removal of the ship’s camouflage netting and a load of supplies sitting next to it as further indication that the sub may be set for its maiden voyage of terror.

He said: “These two factors suggest that both craft may have recently been at sea or are preparing to go to sea in the near future.”

Kim’s sub is reportedly inspired by the Soviet Union’s Golf-class submarines.

The portly despot’s hermit nation acquired ten Golf subs sold as scrap following the collapse of the Iron Curtain in the 1990s.

And because of its dated design the submarine only weighs 2,000 tonnes while the US Navy’s current nuke-wielding death ships measure a hefty 18,000 tonnes.

Paranoid comfort-eater Kim is determined to develop North Korea’s nuclear programme amid tensions with President Obama’s administration.

Last week, a South Korean government official said the 32-year-old dictator’s long-range nuclear warheads could hit Britain, Europe and the United States.

Lee Sang-haw, director general of North Korean nuclear affairs bureau, claims Kim’s atomic arsenal is more dangerous than previously thought.

Speaking with the Daily Star Online in Seoul, Sang-haw said that “Europe is also within range” along with the whole NATO alliance.

Recently, it was reported that the obese leader can now attach nukes to missiles which can travel a few thousands kilometres.

Sang-haw backed claims by US general Joseph Dumford that the rockets could scorch American soil.


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