Shahrisat: Umno must strengthen solidarity and cooperation, face GE14 with a winning mentality

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Umno must face the 14th general election (GE14) with a winning mentality as the party is at its strongest in terms of unity.

Wanita Umno Chief Tan Sri Shahrisat Abdul Jalil said it was time for the party to go all out to gain victory.

She said that as the women’s wing, which was known as the backbone of the party, the responsibility to win over the hearts and minds of voters rested on Wanita Umno’s shoulders.

“The party president’s main concern was to make sure that our machinery is in order and also to make sure we are ready and have a winning mentality, and that we should go all out,” said Shahrisat after joining more than 2,700 delegates to hear the presidential address by Datuk Seri Najib Razak ahead of the Umno general assembly.

Shahrisat said that under Najib’s leadership, the party has seen tremendous unity, and now all it took was for the rank and file to strengthen its solidarity and cooperation.

“I feel so happy to see the unity in the party. The unity is at a level that really touched my heart. We can see that under Najib’s leadership, the party is solid.

“His speech motivated us to prepare for the GE14 and he has placed high hopes especially on Wanita Umno’s machinery as we will represent the party at the grassroots in order to win over the people’s hearts.

“As Wanita Umno’s chief, I accept the challenge,” she said.

Shahrisat said that as Umno entered into election mode, the party members must strengthen unity, solidarity and cooperation.

She said as even as the opposition continued to spread its lies, the Barisan Nasional with Umno as its biggest party was providing a better “product” that has brought development and prosperity.

“The BN’s product is the best as it represents a responsible government.

“As prime minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak has prioritised the people’s and country’s development. What we are doing is for stability, prosperity and progress and for our children’s future.

“What does the opposition have? They only plans which only serve their self interest,” said Shahrisat.


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