Singapore authorities repudiate Brochez’s claims about HIV leak, welcome him to return here

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The Ministry of Health (MOH) has pushed back against the dramatic accusations made by Mikhy Farerra Brochez, the American man wanted by authorities for leaking the confidential information of 14,2000 HIV patients in Singapore.

Yesterday, the man broke his silence on social media, categorically denying everything that the Singapore government accused him of. Brochez went off the rails in a lengthy, rambling Facebook post, insisting that he is the victim of an elaborate conspiracy carried out by various Singaporean government agencies, officials and bodies.

The MOH simply brushed off his (pretty wild) declarations, affirming that the man is making allegations that he can’t back up with evidence.

“The matter has been thoroughly investigated by both the Ministry of Health and the Police,” noted MOH. The American had accused the government of arresting him and his Singaporean husband under false charges.

“Brochez was convicted in Court for fraud and various drug offenses.”

In his post, Brochez also argued that the HIV registry is simply a tool for the government to monitor and track gay men Singapore. This, of course, was denied by the MOH.

“The fact that there is such a registry is public knowledge and statistics on HIV infection rates from the HIV Registry are published annually,” asserted the MOH.

The ministry also acknowledged that Brochez has now threatened to release even more confidential data from the HIV registry. “…MOH will work with the Police to take appropriate actions.”

Then there’s the part where Brochez claimed that he was abused while in police custody and that he was “gang-raped” by inmates while in prison, where he contracted HIV. The Singapore Police Force (SPF) and the Singapore Prison Service (SPS) had to issue a joint statement to repudiate his statements.

Following investigations by the SPF’s Internal Affairs Office, the allegations made by Brochez about being tortured while in custody were found to be untrue. Contradicting his claims, SPS noted that Brochez actually committed a “litany of institutional offenses”, including assaulting a fellow inmate.

“It is a matter of record that Brochez had contracted HIV, years before he was admitted into Prison in 2016,” the statement highlighted. In fact, Brochez had even declared that he was HIV positive since 2008 when he was admitted into prison.

“He has now made baseless allegations about the investigations as well as against Police and Prisons. His actions have shown him to be a pathological liar.”

“Nevertheless, we welcome him to come back to Singapore to assist with Police investigations.”


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