Singapore competition watchdog clarifies on review of airline alliances, introduces streamlined process

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The Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore (CCCS) has issued a guidance note to provide airlines with more clarity on the competition assessment of airline alliance agreements, and to introduce a new streamlined review process.

The guidance note highlights procedural and substantive issues commonly encountered during CCCS’s review process, and how airlines can take steps to avoid them.

Matters addressed in the note include when airlines should file a notification, the availability of a streamlined process for expedited assessment of airline alliance agreements based on a basket of factors, and the deliberation of strategic air hub benefits and benefits to consumers.

The new streamlined review process provides an indicative time frame for the completion of a competition assessment of airline alliance agreement.

The indicative time frame comprises a phase 1 review of 30 working days followed by a phase 2 review of up to 120 working days.

However, the commission had in the past completed its assessment within a shorter time for most of the airline alliance agreements that were notified, said the CCCS.

More information on the guidance note can be accessed and downloaded from the CCCS website under the Public Register and Consultation section.


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