Singapore Employees Welcome Automation and Artificial Intelligence at Work, but are Concerned about Future Job Prospects

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* 71 percent of Singaporean respondents believe their work efficiency will increase with Automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

* 62 percent of surveyed Singaporean employees believe that in the future, these technologies will be superior to humans at simple tasks

* 57 percent of Singaporean employees surveyed say Automation and Artificial Intelligence are needed in their companies

Singapore-based employees are optimistic about automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) but remain concerned about the potential impact of these advancements, according to PERSOLKELLY’s 2019 Q3 APAC Workforce Insights.

As digitalisation continues to evolve the workplace and work styles, employees need to adapt to new technologies to reinvent themselves. The rise of automation and AI brings with it the promise of improved work productivity, reduced costs and new job roles for employees. In light of this, organisations must understand their employees’ perceptions of automated processes and AI programmes.

Singapore-based employees generally perceive automation and AI positively, and welcome these innovations in the workplace. More than two-thirds (71 percent) of respondents believe that automation and AI will increase their work efficiency, and an equal number trust that these technological advancements will make their jobs easier. Additionally, more than half (57 percent) of the survey respondents are certain that AI and automation is needed in their company, and a similar number (58 percent) are of the opinion that it will also help to increase their company’s bottom line.

“Singapore is committed to making itself the AI pioneer and smartest nation globally. Backed by government support and the need for businesses to remain competitive, automation and AI has permeated most industries. Employees generally perceive this change as positive but still have concerns about their future,” said Foo See Yang, Managing director and Country Head, Singapore at Kelly Services.

Respondents have also expressed concerns about how automated processes and AI programmes could affect their jobs in the near future. One third (35 percent) of survey respondents say that automation and AI will be superior to humans when it comes to making complex decisions displaying less confidence in human competence over machines. A similar proportion of survey respondents (38 percent) also believe that automation and AI will eventually take over their jobs.

“Companies need to acknowledge these perceptions and identify ways to carry out automated processes or AI programmes effectively at the workplace. In addition, improving employee confidence in the digitised future should also be a key focus, as this will help enable a more productive work environment,” said Foo.

To understand the perceptions of AI and automation in the workplace across the region, please refer to the PERSOLKELLY 2019 Q3 APAC Workforce Insights here.

About PERSOLKELLY’s APAC Workforce Insights

PERSOLKELLY and Ipsos undertook quantitative research with hiring managers and candidates across Asia Pacific in January February 2019. The survey focused specifically on the perceptions around working with people aged 55 years and above, people with disabilities or special needs, and returning mothers, specifically around the benefits and concerns of working with each group. The survey also sought to understand the various trainings available in the business around APAC and the level of satisfaction employees had with these trainings. The data and insights are based on the responses of 7,277 hiring managers and candidates. Percentages will not always total to 100 percent as respondents could select more than one option for certain questions.


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