Singapore warns citizens to avoid KL ahead of anti-ICERD rally

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Singapore’s Foreign Ministry issued an advisory today warning citizens to avoid the Malaysian capital ahead of a rally organised by PAS and Umno to “give thanks” to the government’s rejection of an anti-racial discrimination treaty.

The ministry said its intelligence suggested that tens of thousands would attend the rally here tomorrow, held ostensibly to celebrate the government’s decision not to ratify the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD).

“As with large congregations or demonstrations, there is a possibility that limited and isolated skirmishes might take place. There may also be traffic disruptions and other disturbances that will impact travellers.

“Singaporeans are advised to defer all non-essential travel to Kuala Lumpur for the time being,” the advisory said.

It also urged Singaporeans here to be on alert and to avoid crowds for their safety.

PAS, Umno and Malay-Muslim groups are pressing ahead with the rally tomorrow despite repeated pleas from the authorities who stressed that the event was moot as Putrajaya will not ratify the ICERD.

City Hall has agreed to let the organisers use Jalan Raja here for the demonstration while the police have said they will monitor the rally for trouble and provide traffic control.

Authorities are concerned that tempers may flare at the event and have told organisers to ensure order and control throughout.

A previous race-based rally organised by Umno division leader Datuk Seri Jamal Yunos in 2015 ostensibly to uphold Malay dignity resulted in clashes between protesters and the police.


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